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Rows 3–9: Ch 1, sc in each sc, turn.

Row 10: Ch 1, sc dec in first 2 sc, sc in each sc across to last 2 sc, sc dec in last 2 sc, turn. (5 sc)

Row 11: Rep row 10. Fasten off. (3 sc)

Between rows 1–5, use candy apple to embroider “LOVE” on 1 side of 1 Topper and embroider a 5-petal flower using lazy daisy stitch (see illustrati­on) on 1 side of the 2nd Topper.

Fold Strap Topper in half across row 6, place end of Strap between layers of Strap Topper and with a length of snow, sew the 3 open sides of Strap Topper closed.


Using photo as a guide, position Coffee or Tea section on top of each Cup 1 row below top edge and sew in place.

Sew the Handle to the right edge of each Cup.

Sew opposite end of Strap to WS of each Cup on top edge near the corner on same side as Handle.


Use photo as a guide for placement.

For coffee version: For smile, with a length of candy apple yarn work 2 straight stitches (see illustrati­on) centered over row 7 of Cup. With black, embroider eyes with straight stitches centered over rows 10 and 11 of Cup leaving 3 sts between eyes free. For cheeks, place blush below eyes on each side of smile.

For tea version: Embroider straight stitches in and out between sc sts, weaving canary through sts of row 1 of Cup and with candy apple through sts of row 2. Weave straight stitches with canary through sts of row 11 and with candy apple through sts of row 12.

Lightly steam-block and let dry.

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