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Working While Cruising?


In a recent blog post, Behan Gifford of Sailing Totem addressed the topic of working while cruising in order to fill the kitty along the way—a topic surrounded with plenty of misinforma­tion. “Cruising may be a lifestyle steeped in freedom, but it doesn’t liberate you from playing by the rules—and doing income-generating work comes with rules,” Gifford says. “One oversimpli­fied way to gauge if the work you hope to do runs into local regulation­s is to ask these questions: Will you be marketing and selling your product or services locally? Will there be people from this country, or with legal authorizat­ion to work in this country, selling the same product or service? If the answer to either of those is ‘yes,’ do your homework on regulation­s and proceed appropriat­ely.”

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