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G/flex® 655 Epoxy Now in a Convenient Dual-syringe

Now you can dispense this tenacious epoxy in tiny quantities. Big strength for even the littlest repairs.


Versatile G/flex Thickened Epoxy Adhesive is now available in a convenient dispensing syringe. The G/flex 655-1 syringe contains 0.42 oz. of resin and 0.42 oz. of hardener, the perfect amount to keep on hand for small repair jobs. Depressing the plunger on the dual syringe dispenses the proper 1:1 ratio of G/flex resin and hardener.

This new product became available through West System® retailers January 1, 2021.

G/flex 655 is a 2-part, pre-thickened epoxy system that bonds tenaciousl­y to plastics including HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PVC, Polycarbon­ate, and Hypalon. Its viscosity is similar to gel toothpaste so it won’t run or sag, even on vertical surfaces. The G/flex 655-1 syringe allows users to dispense the epoxy in very small quantities, providing big strength for little repairs.

This toughened epoxy makes permanent, waterproof structural bonds. It absorbs the stresses of expansion, contractio­n, shock, and vibration. In addition to its effectiven­ess in adhering to plastics, this formulatio­n is also excellent for bonding metal, glass, masonry, and fiberglass. It even works great on typically hard-to-bond substrates including dense, oily or damp wood varieties.

We introduced G/flex in our WEST SYSTEM product line in 2008 and this versatile epoxy has been popular among epoxy users ever since. G/flex 655 comes in a wide variety of sizes; the 655-1 syringe is the smallest. To learn more about G/flex epoxy, visit

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