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- —Lorraine Sulick Morecraft

Until recently, my husband, Bob, and I cruised the Bahamas and Caribbean every year aboard Scaramouch­e, our Tayana 58. As we headed south from Florida, our home port, my mind sometimes drifted to the favorite “meals out” we’d left behind. One was a delicious, juicy burger from our local bar and grill. I decided to create my own ideal burger on board, and it’s since become our benchmark, whether eating aboard or dining out. The ideal burger is made from ground chuck with 20 percent fat (this is not the time to go lean), and is grilled to a crusty char outside and (per our own preference) perfectly rare to medium-rare inside. Use a digital meat thermomete­r to cook the burgers to your own desired level of doneness (see “Cook’s Notes,” below). The first bite of that ultimate burger should be juicy and full of flavor. Enjoy every bite!

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