Cuisine at Home : 2020-02-11

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Tips From Our Readers

FOODCYCLER If reducing food waste interests you, the FoodCycler turns dinner scraps and prep waste into something usable. It easily breaks down leftovers, plus a wide variety of foods — even bones, pits, shells, meat, and citrus rinds — in a matter of hours, creating a soil amendment to boost the quality of the soil in your lawn, flower beds, gardens, and house plants. Since we’ve been using it in the test kitchen, the amount of waste we create has significan­tly reduced. Plus, it’s quiet, energy-efficient, and (thanks to carbon filters) doesn’t smell a bit. Nofoodwast­ Modern Recipes & TRADITIONS Sarah Owens takes us back to a simpler time when food was more about quality than quantity. She shares modern recipes that help us incorporat­e heirloom ingredient­s, forgotten traditions, and ancient cooking methods into our lives to lead us to a healthier version of ourselves. WORK SHARP The Knife & Tool Sharpener is designed to sharpen every knife you own. Flexible sanding belts, like those profession­al knife makers use, put razor-sharp edges on not just knives, but scissors, axes, mowing blades, and many other tools that have a cutting edge. Plus, the included precision angle sharpening guides take the guess work out of the equation to ensure the proper bevel for each tool, each time – gone are the days of free hand sharpening! Worksharpt­ ISSUE 140 | APRIL 2020 11