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He A Lt H Y Cuisine

FRESH WILD SALMON IS A SURE SIGN OF SPRING, and it’s certain to please anyone who isn’t a fan of ham, or just tired of ham being the centerpiec­e for Easter. This salmon recipe, with a creamy crab cake topping, will really have you drooling, especially once you drizzle it with the velvety Dill Hollandais­e. It’s so rich and tempting you won’t be able to put your fork down. But to tame the richness, serve the roasted salmon with a super springy and über-fresh potato salad. It’s loaded with sugar snap peas and fresh mint, then dressed with a vinaigrett­e instead of the more expected mayonnaise base, keeping it nice and light. And if something a bit elegant to start the meal appeals to you, look to another spring vegetable — asparagus — for a creamy, smooth-as-silk Asparagus Soup with a savory parsley purée. With these spectacula­r items on the menu, this may just be your best Easter dinner ever! Roast Salmon Fillets with crab cake topping 41 PAGE 39 ISSUE 140 | APRIL 2020