Cuisine at Home : 2020-02-11

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from the editor John also created the fabulous salmon dinner especially designed with Easter in mind. This menu screams spring: salmon fillets served with a crab cake topping and a delectable hollandais­e, a fresh asparagus soup, and a lovely seasonal potato salad — simplicity and sophistica­tion at their best. From easy, all-in-one meals, to seasonal pastas, and coffee used in ways you may have never dreamed of, there’s no shortage of big-time flavorful recipes in this issue. The hardest part will be deciding where to begin. But be sure to save room for dessert. The Down Under Lamingtons and Pavlova are not to be missed. Happy spring! I consider myself very lucky to do this job. I spend my days researchin­g food topics, developing recipes, tasting all the food that comes out of the test kitchens, preparing food for photograph­y, then writing all about it. And, I get to work with extremely creative people. It’s pretty appealing work but it does have its drawbacks. Since we’re typically producing magazines “out of season,” it can be difficult to find ingredient­s we need for a story. For instance, this spring issue we're doing an artichoke article. Try locating fresh baby artichokes in Iowa in December when you have a deadline looming. But John persevered and found some. KIM SAMUELSON EDITOR TAKE A SEAT AT OUR TABLE t wi t t e r . c o m/ c u i s i n e at h o me @ c u i s i n e at h o me p i n t e r e s t. c o m/ c u i s i n e at h o me @ c u i s i n e at h o me magaZi n e 4 C U I S I N E AT H O M E .CO M