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WITH SEAFOOD SO ABUNDANT it’s practicall­y within arms reach, it’s no wonder seafood enthusiast­s flock to the Pacific Northwest. Naomi Tomky, a Seattle native, realized that not everyone knows how to cook seafood properly, hence she created the cookbook And with so many outstandin­g recipes to choose from, we honed in on three full-flavored clam recipes. In all three of the recipes, Manila clams are the star. Manila clams are the go-to clam when it comes to the Pacific Northwest, because they’re the most affordable and most sustainabl­e type of seafood — also one of the simplest to prepare. Pacific Northwest Steamed Clams have a Chardonnay butter broth that you’ll find yourself dragging bread through to enjoy every last drop. Two Northwest classics — Rainier Beer and Manila clams — join with ras el hanout, the Moroccan spice blend, infusing a brown butter that’s simply divine. Lastly, Manila Clams with peas has bursts of freshness from the peas and herbs and a savory broth melds it all together. If you’re a seafood enthusiast or just taking your first crack at seafood, Manilas are one of the easiest starting points when diving into Pacific Northwest cuisine. So head over to your local fishmonger and stock up, because these recipes are just waiting to be devoured. The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook. 57 ISSUE 140 | APRIL 2020