Cuisine at Home : 2020-02-11

Grand Finale : 77 : 77

Grand Finale

TWO QUINTESSEN­TIAL TREATS adored in Australia are Lamingtons and Pavlova. Both of these iconic desserts rely on whipped eggs, for their light and airy textures in their own unique way. One bite of either dessert will have you floating on cloud nine. Lamingtons are sweet, buttery, and light sponge cakes, filled with raspberry jam, coated in chocolate ganache, and rolled in toasted coconut. Yes, it’s just as lovely as it sounds! And in case you needed another reason to fall in love with meringue all over again, insert Pavlova. A crisp meringue shell with a marshmallo­wy center, topped with creamy whipped topping, and red berries is simply divine. Pavlova with red berry sauce page 79 Desserts While the British have their baking show, we discovered that Australia has some of the best desserts on the planet! Once you try these two light-as-air sweet confection­s, you’ll be transforme­d to another culinary baking culture. 77 ISSUE 140 | APRIL 2020