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Q:Af­ter look­ing over schemat­ics and part num­bers, it ap­pears that the only dif­fer­ence be­tween en­gines on the Ducati Mon­ster 1200 ver­sus 1200 S is the ECU, which gives it an ad­di­tional 10 hp (al­beit some of this power may come from the Ter­mignoni ex­haust as well). Is the 1200S ECU able to be swapped into the base 1200, or are other mod­i­fi­ca­tions needed to ac­com­mo­date this mod­i­fi­ca­tion? If ex­tremely cum­ber­some to switch the com­puter, is there an af­ter­mar­ket ECU flash that would ac­com­plish the same thing?

A:We as­sume you are talk­ing about 2016 mod­els since there was a 10-hp dif­fer­ence in claimed power that year but not in 2017. In any case, get­ting more power from a 1200 Mon­ster is work since they are highly tuned from the fac­tory. Your best bet is to fit a high-flow air fil­ter, sport ex­haust and get the ECU re­flashed to suit. We haven’t tried this com­bi­na­tion but ex­pect you’d see real gains. OE parts price new for the ECU is more than $1,800. Used would be cheaper, but it’s hard to know what you’d be get­ting. Start with a re­flash and go from there.

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