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Q:I have a 2008 Kawasaki Con­cours with 13,000 miles. I bought the bike new and it is com­pletely stock. I haven’t been on it since a ride to the Tail of the Dragon in Oc­to­ber, a week­end trip of about 600 miles of pretty hard rid­ing. Af­ter that, it had been parked in the garage un­til I de­cided to take it out on a warm Jan­uary day. It started im­me­di­ately but be­gan smok­ing as soon as it be­gan to warm up. I no­ticed the smell of burn­ing oil, and smoke was com­ing from un­der the fair­ing. The ex­haust was also much smok­ier than nor­mal. The smoke was white. I cut it off, checked the oil level, and looked for any leaks, but it looked fine. I turned it back on, and af­ter a few min­utes the smoke from the ex­haust di­min­ished and it stopped smok­ing from un­der the fair­ing.

I de­cided to take it for a short ride to see if it had any loss of power or any other no­tice­able problems. It did not. The tem­per­a­ture re­mained in the nor­mal range as well. I also checked the oil again to see if it smelled burnt or looked dark. It did not on ei­ther count. I let the bike cool off for an hour or so and restarted it with no ab­nor­mal smok­ing. Is there any rea­son for me to take the bike in for a check-up? It seems like the prob­lem cor­rected it­self, but I don’t want to take a chance on harm­ing the en­gine.

A:You prob­a­bly pumped a wee bit of oil out the breather into the air­box on that last ride. Or maybe a lit­tle wa­ter got into the air­box dur­ing stor­age or clean­ing. When it fired back up, that cleared it out.

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