Cycle World - - Cw Race Test 2017 Honda Crf450rx - GARY KULICH MCKEAN, PA

Q:The last cou­ple of Har­leys I’ve had—a 2001 and now a 2012, both of them be­ing FLHTCS—DO the same thing. When on cruise, they drift to the left when you take your hands off the bars. Think­ing wheel align­ment, I’ve checked the rear wheel many times, with­out suc­cess. I don’t re­mem­ber the older Har­leys I’ve had do­ing this. Any thoughts?

A:“They all do it, sir.” The left side is heav­ier on a Har­ley, and in ad­di­tion most of the heavy ro­tat­ing stuff is on the left too. The cen­trifu­gal forces gen­er­ated will drift it left. I think the older Har­leys you rode drifted left as well. If it seems more than a slight drift, then there might be an align­ment is­sue.

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