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Q:I have a 2014 Honda CB500F on which I put a Two Broth­ers slipon. Di­vid­ing the gal­lons used into the miles trav­eled comes out around 70 miles per gal­lon. That seems lean to me. Is there a way to en­rich the fuel in­take short of get­ting a Power Com­man­der? I was hop­ing the on­board ECU would com­pen­sate for less back­pres­sure.

A:The typ­i­cal com­plaint we get is “my mileage is bad,” but now you com­plain “my mileage is too good.” Your ECU has com­pen­sated as much as it can. If you haven’t no­ticed any driv­abil­ity is­sues, you’re golden. If you want to make it the best it can be, a Power Com­man­der dyno ses­sion is the next step.

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