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Q:I re­cently pur­chased a 2017 CRF250L Rally. I’m truly in love with this bike. How­ever, the 250 en­gine isn’t quite enough. I was won­der­ing if you could rec­om­mend a cus­tom shop that could bore out the en­gine to a 350, add some much-needed sus­pen­sion per­for­mance, and turn this bike into the light­weight ad­ven­ture bike it’s pre­tend­ing to be.

My in­ten­tions are twofold. First, I’ve al­ways wanted a cus­tom bike that could grace the pages of Cy­cle World (like the Yamaha DT-07 Street Tracker). Sec­ond, I’d like to show the Big Four what they should be build­ing: a light­weight dirt-bike-based ad­ven­ture-tour­ing bike. ART SERNA CYCLEWORLD.COM

A:The $4,999 Honda CRF250 Rally is a stomp­ing deal, but we are more than happy to lead you down the rab­bit hole to spend­ing more money. The CRF en­gine is bor­rowed from the CBR250R, with some changes for its dual-sport role. A Dyno­jet Power Com­man­der is the sim­plest up­grade like-minded folks should do. But you sound se­ri­ous, so for you Takegawa makes a “Hy­per Bore Up 305cc” kit that in­cludes a new 84mm cylin­der, 13.0:1 CR forged pis­ton, sport cams, and FI con­troller. As of this writ­ing it’s about $870 but will need in­stal­la­tion by you or a qual­i­fied me­chanic.

As to sus­pen­sion im­prove­ments, Dan Kyle at Kyle Rac­ing that the stock CRF250 Showa sus­pen­sion bits are a de­cent kit. Up­grad­ing to Öh­lins com­po­nents would al­low for the best tun­ing to your weight and us­age (kyleusa. com). Be care­ful—peer­ing down the rab­bit hole you may eas­ily spend more than if you just cheated and traded up to a WR250R ($6,699 MSRP) or even a Husky or KTM 350 ($10,499 and $10,399, re­spec­tively). But do it any­way be­cause we want to see what you come up with.

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