Daily Camera (Boulder) : 2020-10-09

Get Out! : 28 : 8C

Get Out!

8C | FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2020 DAILY CAMERA GET OUT! 5-DAY FORECAST FOR BOULDER TODAY SATURDAY SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY 84 55 84 58 75 43 69 47 74 52 Partly sunny Sunshine and pleasant Partly sunny and warm Clouds and sun Plenty of sunshine Extended Get Out! events calendar at dailycamer­a.com 5-DAY FORECAST FOR THE HIGH COUNTRY TODAY SATURDAY SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY 73 44 73 45 57 32 56 37 62 36 Part 2 Partly sunny and warm Plenty of sun Partly sunny and mild Cooler with a shower Plenty of sun Forecasts and graphics provided by Accuweathe­r, Inc. ©2020 COLORADO CITIES ALMANAC Today Alamosa 76/25/pc Aspen 74/38/s Colorado Spgs 84/50/pc Denver 86/51/pc Dinosaur 78/45/s Durango 77/35/s Grand Jct 81/50/s Lamar 93/39/s Pueblo 90/44/s Salida 78/40/pc Steamboat 76/39/s Sterling 89/47/pc Telluride 67/41/pc Trinidad 86/46/s Sat. 75/29/pc 73/40/pc 82/51/pc 86/54/pc 77/48/s 75/34/pc 81/51/s 91/49/s 87/46/pc 77/41/pc 75/45/pc 88/51/pc 65/40/pc 86/49/pc 24 hours through 8 p.m. yesterday Temperatur­e High/low.................................. 85°/42° Normal high/low ..................... 68°/40° Record high ...................... 86° in 1979 Record low........................ 22° in 1970 in inches 24 hours ending 8 p.m. yest. ........0.00 Month to date (normal)...... 0.00 (0.43) Year to date (normal) ..... 15.02 (17.42) Precipitat­ion Snowfall in inches 24 hours ending 8 p.m. yest. ..........0.0 Month to date (normal).......... 0.0 (0.7) Season to date (normal) ........ 5.7 (1.7) SUN AND MOON TEMPERATUR­E TREND The Sun Rise Set 100 Today Saturday 7:05 a.m. 7:06 a.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:28 p.m. 80 The Moon Rise Set Today Saturday 11:42 p.m. none 2:19 p.m. 3:08 p.m. 60 Last New First Full 40 Oct 9 Oct 16 Oct 23 Oct 31 20 September October IN THE SKY Morrison Planetariu­m 25 26 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 High Low Normal high Normal low The next two weeks are sometimes called the “dark of the moon,” when moonlight isn’t so bright that it interferes with observatio­ns of faint objects. Tonight’s last quarter moon rises at midnight against the stars of Gemini the Twins. It is 1/11 as bright as when full. PRECIPITAT­ION TREND (IN INCHES) 2020 2019 Avg Record Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. trace 2.19 2.88 3.17 2.30 2.10 0.34 0.48 1.56 0.00 ---- ---- 1.57 0.76 2.19/1996 0.78 0.82 3.69/2015 2.83 2.19 5.44/2003 1.87 2.87 6.85/1957 3.89 2.80 9.59/1995 2.12 2.20 7.40/1949 2.21 1.79 5.20/1965 0.11 1.84 7.49/1951 0.56 1.68 18.16/2013 2.42 1.55 5.39/1969 2.30 1.24 3.46/1983 0.35 0.94 2.16/1988 AIR QUALITY TODAY OZONE Moderate FINE PARTICULAT­ES Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups CARBON MONOXIDE Good Year 15.02 21.01 20.68 NITROGEN DIOXIDE Good AROUND THE COUNTY AIR QUALITY INDEX ACTION DAY Yesterday Hi Lo Pcp Snow Yes Allenspark 70 44 0.00 Broomfield 85 44 0.00 Central Boulder 82 46 0.00 Erie 85 37 0.00 Gunbarrel 82 46 0.00 Lafayette 86 43 0.00 Longmont 87 41 0.00 Louisville 84 42 0.00 Nederland 70 47 0.00 Sugarloaf 80 52 0.00 Wondervu 70 53 0.00 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 Source: www.colorado.gov/airquality POLLEN INDEX Trees ........... Absent Grasses............low Weeds............ Mod. Molds...............n.a. Source: Boulder Valley Asthma & Allergy RECREATION TODAY City HI/LO/W Rocky Mountain NP Indian Peaks Pawnee Natl. Grassland Pikes Peak Mt. Evans Wilderness Holy Cross Wilderness Flat Tops Wilderness Lake Mcconaughy Taos, NM Moab, UT 51/31/pc 50/31/pc 85/45/pc 53/36/pc 62/41/pc 58/38/s 61/33/s 90/43/pc 79/33/pc 86/50/pc FALL FOLIAGE Warmth will continue to slow any remaining color change across lower elevations, with smoke and haze sometimes limiting visibility or muting the sky color. WEATHER TRIVIA™ Q: What is sea smoke? FIRE DANGER Low Moderate High Very High Extreme waters ocean warmer crosses air cold when occurs that fog Steam A: Source: Fort Collins Interagenc­y Dispatch Center THE NATION Seattle 66/55 Billings 76/49 Detroit 76/63 New York 68/58 Minneapoli­s 83/51 San Francisco 70/59 Washington 72/60 Chicago 81/64 Denver 86/51 Kansas City 85/66 Atlanta 77/67 Los Angeles 76/62 El Paso 93/59 Houston 78/69 Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitat­ion. Temperatur­e bands are highs for the day. Miami 89/80 DELTA Today Sat. Today Sat. City HI/LO/W HI/LO/W City HI/LO/W HI/LO/W Albany, NY Albuquerqu­e Amarillo Anchorage Atlanta Billings Boston Buffalo Casper Cheyenne Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Dallas Dayton Des Moines Detroit Duluth El Paso Fairbanks Fargo Flagstaff Greensboro Honolulu Houston Indianapol­is Jackson, MS Kansas City 59/47/s 83/52/s 93/53/s 52/39/c 77/67/sh 76/49/s 62/53/s 67/60/s 80/44/s 81/48/pc 81/64/s 80/63/pc 75/63/s 83/65/pc 81/62/pc 86/61/pc 76/63/s 74/43/pc 93/59/s 50/29/s 76/39/s 74/36/s 71/61/pc 88/74/pc 78/69/r 83/61/s 82/74/r 85/66/s 77/47/pc 82/51/s 94/54/s 49/39/c 76/70/r 83/48/pc 76/57/pc 72/48/sh 81/50/pc 80/51/pc 76/56/pc 75/62/c 78/59/pc 87/66/s 79/61/pc 79/59/s 78/54/pc 55/42/s 91/59/s 44/29/pc 65/53/s 70/37/s 68/62/sh 89/75/s 88/67/pc 79/62/pc 78/69/r 83/62/pc Las Vegas 92/63/s Little Rock 74/65/sh Los Angeles 76/62/pc Memphis 75/67/r Miami 89/80/pc Milwaukee 78/63/s Minneapoli­s 83/51/s New Orleans 84/76/r New York City 68/58/s North Platte 91/41/pc Oklahoma City 83/62/s Omaha 90/56/s Orlando 88/74/t Philadelph­ia 71/57/s Phoenix 100/71/s Pittsburgh 72/59/s Portland, OR 69/57/pc Rapid City 80/44/s Reno 80/45/c Sacramento 75/56/pc St. Louis 84/64/s Salt Lake City 83/58/s San Diego 74/65/pc San Francisco 70/59/pc Seattle 66/55/c Tampa 91/76/t Tucson 98/62/s Wash., DC 72/60/pc 89/63/s 72/65/r 76/62/pc 74/68/r 88/79/sh 67/53/s 66/51/s 84/73/c 77/63/pc 86/51/s 85/59/s 81/62/s 89/75/sh 79/63/pc 95/69/s 77/60/pc 61/51/r 83/56/pc 71/44/c 77/56/c 82/64/pc 83/51/s 75/65/pc 71/56/c 58/50/r 90/77/t 95/61/s 79/63/c THE WORLD Today Sat. Today Sat. City HI/LO/W HI/LO/W City HI/LO/W HI/LO/W Amsterdam Athens Beijing Berlin Buenos Aires Cairo Calgary Frankfurt Geneva Havana Jerusalem Kiev London Madrid 57/46/sh 78/63/s 73/50/pc 60/50/sh 73/55/s 96/72/s 61/49/c 61/47/sh 67/49/pc 89/74/t 91/66/s 68/51/pc 58/43/r 79/55/pc sunny, snow flurries, 54/45/r 78/63/s 75/53/c 53/41/sh 69/54/s 92/71/s 65/37/pc 57/38/r 57/41/r 88/74/pc 85/65/s 65/50/sh 56/45/pc 77/46/pc partly cloudy, snow, ice. Mexico City Montreal Moscow New Delhi Paris Rio Rome Singapore Sydney Tokyo Toronto Vancouver Vienna Warsaw cloudy, 78/54/t 78/54/pc 56/48/pc 68/37/t 55/50/c 60/44/r 95/70/pc 95/70/pc 61/48/sh 59/46/sh 80/71/sh 78/70/c 71/52/pc 71/58/s 86/79/pc 88/78/pc 74/55/s 75/55/s 65/62/r 69/66/r 65/59/s 73/44/t 61/53/r 59/47/r 70/47/pc 67/47/r 61/50/pc 66/47/c showers, thundersto­rms, Try this Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Daily Camera has suspended running the Get Out calendar, feeling it is irresponsi­ble to promote events in light of guidance on social distancing and the nearly impossible task of keeping up with canceled events. The calendar will return once social distancing restrictio­ns have been lifted. Weather(w): s- r- sf- pc- sn- c- sh- t- City Desk: 303-473-1350 newsroom@dailycamer­a.com Email: i- rain, PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R Pressreade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . 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