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Mbio lands $1.8M in grants for water tox­i­c­ity tests

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The Na­tional Oceanic and At­mo­spheric Ad­min­is­tra­tion is giv­ing Boul­der’s Mbio Di­ag­nos­tics Inc. a com­bined $1.8 mil­lion to ad­vance devel­op­ment of a test to de­ter­mine whether cer­tain tox­ins ex­ist in open water.

In a state­ment, the com­pany said the grants will be used over three years to de­velop the test to de­tect more types of tox­ins cre­ated by al­gae blooms in fresh­wa­ter bod­ies, and to aid in se­cur­ing reg­u­la­tory ap­proval.

At the mo­ment, the test can de­tect only two types of al­gae-caused tox­ins. The ex­pan­sion will add two other types of tox­ins found in al­gae blooms, in­clud­ing a sub­set of tox­ins that lead to par­a­lytic shell­fish poi­son­ing if a hu­man eats in­fested fish.

The test is based on the com­pany’s Light­deck plat­form, a broad-based por­ta­ble sys­tem to de­ter­mine the pres­ence of in­fec­tions.

Mbio sub­mit­ted a rapid COVID-19 test based on the plat­form to the U.S. Depart­ment of De­fense in June for re­search pur­poses. That test searches for the pres­ence of a spe­cific in­flam­ma­tory protein found in se­vere COVID pa­tients, rather than search­ing for sam­ples of the virus’ RNA as the most com­mon tests do.

Mbio merged with fel­low Boul­der com­pany Brava Di­ag­nos­tics Inc. in July.

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