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This democ­racy will heal

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The po­lit­i­cal lead­er­ship of our nation has de­scended into abuse of power and rule of power and ig­no­rance, and not rule of law as our founders in­tended. Power cor­rupts and is cor­rupt­ing. We are con­cerned about the di­vi­sive­ness and dys­func­tion and dis­hon­esty and sub­ver­sion in our cur­rent po­lit­i­cal lead­er­ship. This is not the Nation well con­ceived by our founders.

But this in­abil­ity to gov­ern well and hon­or­ably will pass, and our democ­racy will heal. It al­ways has.

Af­ter our War of In­de­pen­dence that pit­ted loy­al­ists against revo­lu­tion­ar­ies, af­ter our Civil War, that pit­ted brother against brother and deeply di­vided this nation, af­ter the Great De­pres­sion, af­ter the vi­cious­ness of Mc­carthy­ism, af­ter the deeply di­vid­ing Viet­nam War, af­ter these and other bad times emerged very good lead­ers.

Our democ­racy will again heal. It will just re­quire good peo­ple to once again come forth and lead us. And it will take time … and our in­volve­ment, our com­mit­ment.


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