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Donald P. Monette

February 18, 1937 - February 14,2023 everyone.


It comes with great a place where diners of sorrow and grief to any background could announce the passing of come enjoy all of life's a Boulder icon, finest moments and restaurant­eur Don celebratio­ns. Don Monette. Don Monette strictly put his praise passed away the onto his guests. This morning of Tuesday, hospitalit­y visionary February 14th of 2023 establishe­d a with his loving family by guest-forward approach, his side at the age of 85, even saying on his last just four days before his day of life that "it is all 86th birthday. about the people". From the thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of guests served at The Flagstaff House over the past 52 years, Don truly cared for

Don Monette was a true pioneer of the Boulder restaurant scene and fine dining world. His risks and sacrifice led The Flagstaff House Restaurant to be highly regarded amongst the global restaurant stage. Don Monette founded the Flagstaff House on November 1st of 1971. With help from his beautiful wife Carole and his sons Mark and Scott Monette, they worked tirelessly to develop The Flagstaff House into a restaurant for Boulder, a restaurant for Colorado, and a restaurant for everyone. Although The Flagstaff House achieved many renowned accolades, including Don being inducted to the "Food Service Hall of Fame" in 2010, he wanted it to be

Don Monette's lifelong passion for food started at a young age. Don was a cook for the Army and discovered his love for Colorado when he was stationed in the ski troops in Leadville there during the 1950's. Upon returning home and marrying his high school sweetheart, Carole, they deemed it necessary to move to the Rocky Mountains and start a family.

In 1963, Don and Carole moved to Boulder and never looked back. Don got his start as manager of the Village Inn Pancake House, then later founded the Viking Restaurant and Golden Buff Coffee Shop. Once the Flagstaff House became available for purchase in 1971 Don envisioned transformi­ng it into a one-of-a-kind fine dining establishm­ent, and thus began his long history on Flagstaff Mountain. A truly self-made man, Don taught himself everything he needed to know through hard work and dedication.

Don is survived by his wife Carole, their five children (Greg, Mark, Cathy, Scott & Cheryl), 13 grandchild­ren, and two great grandchild­ren with more on the way. Most have worked various positions at the restaurant, making it a true family-run establishm­ent. Without his vision and impact The Flagstaff House, his family, and many in his life would not be who they are today.

Don always beamed with a wonderful smile, was known for his witty humor, had a passion for travel, upheld strong family values and of course, shared his love for wine. Don was not hospitable just in the restaurant, but to anyone in his life.

He and Carole Though Don was completely remodeled notable for being a

The Flagstaff House Boulder restaurant­eur, over the years and anyone who knew him expanded it greatly. Don could say that he was felt that he never kind in nature, humble, worked a day while and quietly generous. owning the Flagstaff House as it was his true passion. When his sons Mark and Scott became part-owners with Don, the restaurant exponentia­lly developed into what it is today.

Today, The Flagstaff House legacy lives on as it is currently owned and operated by Don's grandson Adam and his business partner, Executive Chef Chris Royster. The two partners will continue to maintain Don's pinnacles for operating a family-run restaurant for diners from across the globe.

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