Daily Camera (Boulder)

Universal Crossword

- Edited by David Steinberg February 21, 2023

ACROSS 1Seasoned rice dish 6Sports bar screens 9Manipulat­ed, as the system 14French goodbye 15Young companion of Pooh 16Visibly amazed 17Neutral and reverse, for two 18Lucrativ­e Middle Eastern export 19 Regions 20It hears things 21Put on a pedestal 24“I see a roach!!” 25Suffer sudden back pain 27 Skewer 30Perform a routine perfectly 34Nearest star to the sun 38Piece of band equipment 39Income ___ 40Reagan’s side, for short 41 Scorch 43Scheming group 45 Camera attachment 46Auto mileage counters that can be reset 49Us vs. ___ 50Comedic bits 51Fuji discard ... and a hint to the devices hidden in 25-, 34- and 46-Across 55Dress worn on the red carpet 58Buenos ___ 59 Zilch 63Garden of paradise 64 Like a disparagin­g remark 65Turned pink, say 66 Facebook’s parent company 67 Trapshooti­ng 68Put in the mail DOWN 1It’s turned in a book 2 Brain-stormer’s output 3One whose pants are on fire? 4___ Lingus (Irish carrier) 5Corkscrew pasta 6Group of Scouts 7“And here you go!” 8Not liquid, gaseous or plasmatic 9Views with awe 10In the past 11Lion’s locks 12Sporting sword 13Paper pusher’s place 22“Carpe ___” (“Seize the day”) 23Historia­n Howard whose surname rhymes with “win” 25Jazz instrument, for short 26 Sorento automaker 27Some hoppy brews 28Mascot at Citi Field 29Andy Warhol’s soup can paintings, e.g. 31Olympic sledders 32Golf clubs with metal heads 33Barista’s jarful 35Just slightly 36___ San Lucas (Baja resort) 37 Comprehens­ive test 42“Umbrella” pop star 43It’ll point you in the right direction 44Kit with toy bricks 45 Myths 47 Lively spirit 48Cigarett­e toxin 52Part of a chain 53Buffalo’s Great Lake 54 Surrender, as power 55Precious stone 56Verse bursting with praise 57 Soggy 60Yes, on a ship 61Couch potato’s home? 62 Find a sum

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