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Ukrainian victory would be bright beacon of light


President Biden’s visit to Kyiv is another show of the support the United States is giving to Ukraine. Russia’s invasion and indiscrimi­nate acts of violence against the Ukrainian people are worthy of worldwide condemnati­on.

As an American, I believe in standing up to Putin through our transfer of armaments and funds to the Ukrainian people. Their victory would be a beacon light for democratic societies everywhere. However, should Putin

win and Kyiv fall how could western government­s assure their people it was worth the effort?

— Jim Wolf, Boulder a non-american entity.

How is it we allow this entity to actively, knowingly work against American interests, American sovereignt­y and American security? Why hasn’t this organizati­on been shut down, and its owners, executive bureaucrac­y and mouthpiece­s held accountabl­e for this incomprehe­nsible attack on our nation?

Whether it’s guns in the hands of foreign soldiers invading our land or noxious, divisive filth invading our countrymen’s minds, we have been insidiousl­y misled by this long and unrelentin­g wash of the worst of modern warfare tools — propaganda by our enemies.

Tucker Carlson has expressed admiration for Hungarian Fascist Viktor Orbán. Laura Ingraham, though it’s been recently washed from her public bios, spent some years being schooled in Russia and has two adopted Russian children. Coincidenc­es or collaborat­ors?

We can still lose to fascism and I don’t understand why

Fox News and its mouthpiece­s haven’t been shut down and investigat­ed yet.

We are still in the midst of an

“active shooter” situation.

Why aren’t the American people being protected?

Where is our Department of Justice? Where is the Department of Defense?

Why is Fox “News” still being broadcast on all our military bases and most importantl­y, why haven’t authoritie­s acted on this attack yet?

Our enemy has overrun our borders and this American sees no defense in sight.

General Mark Milley, Mr. Attorney General, your defense and justice may come too late.

— Sharon Hillman, Boulder

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