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Darrell Albert Lietz

May 20, 1928 - February 16, 2023


Darrell Albert Darrell lived a Lietz, formerly life of faith. As of Davenport, young adults, Iowa, passed Darrell and Ann away peacefully were among a on February 16, group of

2023 in Boulder, families called Colorado. by the Iowa Darrell was Conference of born on May 20, the United Methodist 1928 to William and Church to charter Martha Lietz near Christ Church in Maquoketa, Iowa. Northwest Davenport, Darrell and his twin where they would brother were the subsequent­ly raise their youngest of seven family. They would later children. After dropping return to their sending out of school after the church, St. John's,

8th grade, he found a where they especially way back to Maquoketa enjoyed the music

High School, where he program and the "49ers" discovered a love for Sunday School class. He language and ball was beloved by and sports. He graduated in active in faith

1948 with no particular communitie­s in plans, since a football Davenport, Kansas City injury disqualifi­ed him and Boulder. from military service, Darrell loved his and further education grandchild­ren beyond was then unimaginab­le. measure. He and Ann But thanks to the delighted in seeing unsolicite­d interventi­on their children become of a former teacher and parents, and then in coach, Tom Hanifan, watching each of their Darrell boarded a five grandchild­ren grow westbound train to into adulthood. Esthervill­e Junior Graduation­s were the College, where he biggest event; nothing would earn a teaching made Darrell happier certificat­e. He than seeing a graduated from Iowa grandchild wearing a State Teachers College cap and gown. in 1953, and would later Darrell and Ann moved earn a Masters of Arts to Boulder Colorado in from the University of 2021 to be near son

Iowa in 1960. Christophe­r and his Darrell devoted his family. After Ann's profession­al life to journey with education, first as an Alzheimer's disease English teacher and ended in May of 2021, coach in Esthervill­e, Darrell continued to Iowa where he met the live a full life focused on love of his life, Ann his faith, his love of Frances Swanson. The family, his enthusiasm two married in 1957 and for friends, and his accepted job offers to passion for the teach at Williams Junior Hawkeyes. He

High School (English maintained contact with and Home Economics) friends and family via in Davenport, Iowa. email and his iphone, When children arrived, both of which kept him Ann became a full-time interested and homemaker and Darrell interestin­g right until pursued his career in the end. education. He served as Darrell is predecease­d Coordinato­r of English, by his wife Ann. He is then Director of survived by his Instructio­n, a role he daughter Pamela held from 1975 until his (David) Berneking of retirement in 1993. Lampe, MO;

Darrell especially Christophe­r (Marlys) enjoyed his work with the Talented and Gifted Lietz of Boulder, program, and received Colorado and his the Iowa Talented and grandchild­ren Ettie Gifted State Berneking (Ryan Distinguis­hed Service Kelley), Ethan award in 1990. Berneking (Ashley) and Darrell was a devoted great granddaugh­ter husband to Ann and Anderson, Emma Lietz father to two children: Bilecky (Tyler), Calvin Pamela Rene and Lietz (fiancé Sarah) and Christophe­r Scott. Clara Lietz.

Always the educator, The family is deeply Darrell facilitate­d grateful for care substantiv­e dinner-table provided by Sunrise conversati­ons,where he Senior Living and was quick to point out Gateway Hospice in and celebrate Boulder, Colorado, and milestones and the many individual­s accomplish­ments who cared for Darrell wherever they could be with such kindness over found in the events of the past few months. the day. Friends near and far Darrell and Ann were have been a gift to all of forever affirming and us, and we express our supportive of their gratitude. A celebratio­n children, and lived of the life of Darrell A. frugally in order to send Lietz will be held on both Pamela and Saturday, March 11 at Christophe­r to Iowa Pine Street Church, State University. 1237 Pine Street in Robbed of hearing due Boulder, Colorado. to childhood ear Darrell and Ann infections, Darrell endowed a scholarshi­p adapted via hearing fund at Iowa State aids. When his total loss University to help occurred in 1987, he students from continued to work, Davenport or elsewhere thanks to in Iowa pursue teaching accommodat­ions of the as a profession. During school district and their lifetime, they were Ann's patient help, able to grant several along with the bit of scholarshi­ps and the lip-reading he picked up ability to leave this along the way. In 1997, legacy gave them he received a Cochlear immense pride and joy. Implant at the In lieu of flowers, the University of Iowa, family suggests restoring hearing in one honoring Darrell's ear. He continued to passion for education support hearing through a memorial gift research and encourage directed to the Darrell others to consider and Ann Lietz Family Cochlear Implants for Scholarshi­p, payable to the rest of his life. the Iowa State

Darrell retired from University Foundation DPSS in 1993 to a life of (2505 University service, learning and Boulevard, P.O. Box travel. Darrell became a 2230, Ames, Iowa

Master Gardener and he 50010-2230, and Ann traveled Condolence­s can be extensivel­y., Darrell sent to the family spent more than 10 1/21/21/2 Christophe­r years as a volunteer for Lietz, 2065 Floral Drive, the Iowa Senior Health Boulder, CO 80304 Insurance Informatio­n

Program (SHIIP), wrote his own memoir and then began to teach others to write their own life stories.

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