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Universal Crossword

- Edited by David Steinberg February 27, 2023 You’re Unbelievab­le! by Taylor Johnson and Matthew Stock


1Smidge of salt

6First Greek letter

11Degs. for linguistic­s majors

14Honda luxury brand

15 Luau performanc­es

16One of 15in this puzzle’s grid

17Period in Earth’s history that started 66 million years ago

19 Exist

20 Writing assignment­s

21Say further

22Web destinatio­n

23Bagpiper’s garb

25Purr-fect rest?

27 Unusual 30Serve, as coffee

32 “Frozen 2” character who sings “When I Am Older”

33Vice ___ (the other way around)

35 Backbendin­g yoga asana

39Urgent letters?

40Like at least two angles in every triangle

41Large diving bird

42 Long ride?

44Time for selfcare

45Runs on TV

46Figures to analyze

48 44-Across destinatio­n

49“Er, that’s incorrect ...”

51Critter whacked in arcades

53 Woes

54Big ___ (semi)

57Basic skateboard tricks

61 Code-cracking org.

62“That pushes things” ... or what you could say about 17-, 35- or 42-Across?

64 Barely lit

65Gaggle members

66 Chili in Tex-mex cuisine

67Setting for current events?

68 Skilled 69Western lake between two states


1Walk back and forth

2Soothes, as a sprain 3Ones with a daily habit?

4Frog sound 5 Brew with a cloudy name

6Omakase tuna 7 2021 animated film set in Italy

8 Begged 9Extremely loyal

10 Cool-cucumber connector

11Some are eaten to enhance memory

12Artery from the left ventricle

13Use a broom

18 Scandinavi­an capital

22Rice or beans, e.g.

24Stanley with a celebrity cookbook

26Order ___ carte

27Track shape

28Arnaz of “I Love Lucy”

29 Histrionic person, casually

31What might be on you at the bar

34Gives away the ending of

36 Second-string squad

37Daytime TV option

38“Orinoco Flow” singer

40 Varied

43Coffee dispenser

44Food court regular

47Tugboat noise

49Piccolos and oboes, e.g.

50Fisher of “Eighth Grade”

52Princess of Avalor, on kids’ TV

55 “Gotcha”

56 (OMG!)

58Restless urge

59 Reverberat­e

60Word after “soft” or “tap”

62 Tennis pro Swiatek

63Volleyba­ll action, or part of a match

 ?? ??

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