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Beer and politics do mix


Even if most people don’t seem to realize it, Tuesday is Election Day.

It’s a midterm election, but that doesn’t mean there are no important local races on the ballot. There is a race for governor, for example, so that is kind of a big deal. There are also many races for local state representa­tives, and who knows, maybe those we send to Harrisburg this time around may be able to do something about the state’s clearly outdated liquor laws.

For the most part, politics and beer have very little to do with each other. Unless an elected official is getting arrested for driving under the influence, politician­s don’t seem to like talking about drinking very much.

It’s understand­able, the combinatio­n of alcohol and poor judgement often gets people in trouble. Unless you’re the mayor of a major Canadian city, the bumbling drunk look really isn’t something you Rough Draught will appear every other Sunday in the Daily Local News. Contact staff writer Michael N. Price at mprice@ dailylocal.com and follow him on Twitter @MikePriceW­rites. want to put out there while running a political campaign.

But the world has changed. Beer is no longer seen as a pale yellow liquid that leads to bad decision-making, which clearly has no place in politics. These days, beer has legitimacy. Beer has clout.

Good craft beer has become so well-respected that politician­s now feel comfortabl­e throwing “Pint Night” fundrais- ers. Chester County Commission­er Terence Farrell, for example, is currently selling tickets to a “Pint of Chester County” fundraiser held at Victory’s recently opened Parkesburg Brewery.

This is no dive-bar affair. Billed as “an event featuring craft brews paired with delicious appetizers in a friendly community atmosphere,” the lowest-priced ticket still runs $250, while the highest tier runs all the way to $2,500. Don’t worry though, I’m sure a pint glass or two gets thrown in with the meal.

I think it’s great. By now most reasonable people realize that enjoying craft beer does not equate to drinking to get drunk, and it’s nice that even political circles are starting to realize that.

So this Tuesday, exercise two of your greatest rights. Go vote, and then go enjoy a quality pint to celebrate doing your civic duty.

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