Daily Local News (West Chester, PA)

Property Transfers


The following are Chester County property transfers for January 2017. This list is continued from the March 12 Sunday real estate section.


1620 St Peters Way, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Associatio­n to Homes By Heathcote Llc, $251,300 (Chester Springs 19425) 209 Afton Way , Harris Mahedavi to Ilir Hysa and Entela Bicja, $385,000 (West Chester 19380) 211 Fowler Dr, Carolyn Caporillie Revocable Living Trust and Carolyn M. Caporillie to Michael Sladek and Bridget Kathleen Sladek, $349,250 (West Chester 19382) 326 Powell Lane , George Geoffrey Wilkinson to James Douglas Meis and Jennifer Meis, $310,000 (West Chester 19380) 332 Taylors Mill Rd, Jeffery L. Jr Osgood and Patrick D. Richard to Ryan Michael Shurgalla and Ana Carolina Tapias, $405,000 (West Chester 19380) 36 Williams Street, Saunders Lane L. P. and Ray Wolfe Properties Llc to Fresh Start Properties Llc, $275,000 (Lansdowne 19050) 4029 Rosemont Ave, Wells Fargo Bank to Brendan E. O. Hara and Nichole M. O. Hara, $490,000 (Drexel Hill 19026) 434 Willow Way, Raymond F. Jr Kadel and Martha Sue Kadel to Raymond F. Jr Kadel and Martha Sue Kadel, $1 (West Chester 19380) 544 Fern Hill Lane , Chris Allan and Kelly Luzi to Chris Allan and Kelly Marie Luzi Allan, $1 (West Chester 19380) 596 Cork Circle , Lynda J. Reardon and Jacqueline A. Dine to Lynda J. Reardon, $1 (West Chester 19380) 602 Warren Rd , Lincoln Park Partners Llc and Casciato Isayeff Rufo &. Rufo Llc to Dalaine Property Llc, $307,000 (West Chester 19382) 607 Walden Drive, Claudia L. Duncan and Barbara Kay Hurst to Gully Homes Llc, $236,500 (West Chester 19380) 76 Margil Farm Dr, Matlack West Chester Llc to Eastern Matlack Partners Lp, $16200000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 801 Ceredo Ave, Margaret J. Giunta and Russell A. March to Margaret J. Giunta, $1 (West Chester 19382) 804 Copeland School Road, Bpi Ii Associates and Bpi Ii Inc to Harrison Hill Apartments Lp, $1 (West Chester 19380) 834 S. Church Avenue, John Pescatore and Catherine Pescatore to William A. Jr Rahn and Kara C. Rahn, $440,000 (West Chester 19382) 910 Paoli Pike , Alan D. Gentile to Jackalyn Brannan, $204,900 (West Chester 19382) 950 N. Hill Rd, Donald A. Wilkinson and Lori Wilkinson to Lori A. Wilkinson, $1 (West Chester 19380) 990 Fernhill Rd Unit 630, William G. Jr Bistline to Kenwar Narula and Sukhvinder Narula, $260,000 (West Chester 19380) 990 Fernhill Rd, Wells Fargo Bank to Richard Hopewell, $250,950 (West Chester 19380) P. O. Box 2232, Frank E. Milliman to George G. Wilkinson, $240,000 (West Chester 19382) P. O. Box 799, E. P. D. Associates and Credit Shelter Trust to Irv Levin and Phyllis Levin, $4,254,478 (Claymont 19703)


262 W. Evergreen St, Aaron W. Maule to Omar Cantoran Corona, $199,000 (West Grove 19390) P. O. Box 204, Robert T. Jr Warden and Susan B. Warden to Rock Bottom Properties Llc, $1 (Lewisville 19351)


111 New Rd, Gabriel R. D. Ancona and Kathryn A. D. Ancona to Hao Wu and Julie Wu, $615,000 (Elverson 19520) 309 Killian Road, Marlin W. Hacker and Eva J. Martin to Stephen L. Laskey, $158,500 (Honey Brook 19344) 35 New Rd, Karl L. Jr Troupe and Karl L. Sr Troupe to Andrew P. Krick, $180,000 (Elverson 19520) 377 Lewis Mills Rd, Robert E. Rigg to Andrew Meier, $225,000 (Honey Brook 19344) 440 North Manor Road , Linda Kurtz Bush Living Trust and Barbara E. Bush to James G. Subach, $235,000 (Elverson 19520) 668 Bulltown Road , Vernon N. Weaver and Doris J. Weaver to Douglas T. Yoder, $699,900 (Elverson 19520)


218 Fremont Rd, Geroldine Vanderhoef to Stephen E. Koza and Lisa M. Koza, $299,000 (Nottingham 19362) 58 Airport Rd, Charles P. Zawodny and Rachel Zawodny to Reuben K. Riehl, $225,000 (Nottingham 19362)


1184 Dunsinane Hill Road, John Lakin Ray Silbernage­l and Ashley Loudin Silbernage­l to Scott C. Fritz and Rebecca K. Worthingto­n, $465,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 1501 Quaker Way, Christophe­r Haughey and Jennifer M. Haughey to Christophe­r Haughey, $1 (Chester Springs 19425) 7095 Harmony Grove Rd, Katleen M. Vail and Kathleen M. Vail to Minuteman Property Services Llc, $173839.59 (Dover 17315)


457 North Octorara Trail, Christophe­r M. Bird to Daniel J. Coleman, $220,000 (Gap 17527) 5748 Strasburg Road , Jonathan J. Stoltzfus and Anna Mary Stoltzfus to Levi E. Stoltzfoos and Miriam R. Stoltzfoos, $220,000 (Atglen 19310) 604 North Limestone Road , Priscilla E. Thompson to Donald J. Iii Evans, $199,900 (Parkesburg 19365)


1109 Bartlett Ln, Siana Family Trust and Stephen V. Siana to Allison L. Siana and Ashley E. Siana, $1 (Chester Springs 19425) 150 Allen Rd Ste 303, Courtyards At Weathersto­ne Lp and Courtyards At Weathersto­ne Gp to Pulte Homes Of Pa, $2,056,600 (Basking Ridge 7920) 1898 Flint Road, Charles M. Lakamp and Marianne E. Lakamp to Andrew J. Gess and Stefany J. Gess, $370,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 3029 Rainer Road, Toll Pa Ii L. P. and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Dilip Patel and Dwij Patel, $456,017 (Chester Springs 19425) 3033 Rainer Road, Toll Pa Ii L. P. and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Ramray Saikam and Geetha Boreddy, $1 (Chester Springs 19425) 3035 Rainer Rd, Toll Pa Ii L. P. and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Kim Bencker, $465,863 (Chester Springs 19425) 3208 Krista Lane , U. S. Home Corp and Lennar to Harish Muppala and Shruthi Dommaraju, $392,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 3213 Krista Ln, U. S. Home Corp and Lennar to Jyotheeswa­r Reddy Jettygundl­a and Swapna Reddy Kandadi, $406,900 (Chester Springs 19425) 3218 Krista Lane, U. S. Home Corp and Lennar to Padmaja Nistala and Umashankar Mantravadi, $390,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 3219 Krista Ln, U. S. Home Corp and Lennar to Vinay Makula and Shushma Nedunuri, $400,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 3220 Krista Lane , U. S. Home Corp and Lennar to Sakti Kumar Shambu Panneer Selvam, $370,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 3529 Augusta Drive, Toll Pa Ii L. P. and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Corey T. Cannon and Stephanie L. Dean, $532,084 (Chester Springs 19425) 3530 Augusta Dr, U. S. Home Corp and Lennar to John Lakin Ray Silbernage­l and Ashley Loudin Silbernage­l, $542,500 (Chester Springs 19425) 3541 Augusta Drive, U. S. Home Corp and Lennar to Aslam Syed and Ruheen Syed, $575,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 3585 Augusta Drive, Toll Pa Ii L. P. and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Satish Kumar Vabbilired­di and Satish Kumar Vabbilired­di, $578,428 (Chester Springs 19425) 3716 Winthrop Wy, Us Home Corp and Lennar to Thomas Richard Trio and Maria A. Trio, $698,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 3809 Trembly Ct, Toll Pa Ii L. P. and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Balakrishn­a Bantu and Madhuri Bantu, $573,885 (Chester Springs 19425) 3813 Trembly Ct, Toll Pa Ii L. P. and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Anil Guldas and Srivani Guldas, $632,506 (Chester Springs 19425) 3821 Trembly Ct, Toll Pa Ii L. P. and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Ivan G. Guzman and Haidy Y. Oropeza, $591,723 (Chester Springs 19425) 40 Rock Spring Road, Scott M. Rowe and Nicola J. Rowe to Joseph E. Iii Syernick and Kelly A. Syernick, $1,800,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 464 Fairmont Dr , Wayne M. Newman to Francis Lake, $390,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 6. Springwood Lane , Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Associatio­n to Robert Bennett, $160,111 (Chester Springs 19425) 601 Plum Ln, Michael Spielman to Chad M. Thomason and Jessica P. Thomason, $400,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 608 Kent Court, Pulte Homes Of Pa Limited Partnershi­p and Ph 50 Llc to Blake E. Adams, $383,266 (Chester Springs 19425)


1038 Harriman Ct, Christophe­r G. Wilkocz and Sarah C. Wilkocz to Sara Hinkle, $265,000 (West Chester 19380) 121 Wayne Ct, Christophe­r Sulpizio and Patricia Sulpizio to John J. Jr Fado, $206,000 (West Chester 19380) 1238 Palomino Drive, Kevin M. Maclennan and Lauren M. Massimo Maclennan to Kevin Maclennan and Lauren M. Massimo, $1 (West Chester 19380) 1253 Cardinal Ave, Christophe­r W. Leonard to Cory A. Speroff and Sarah K. Speroff, $299,000 (West Chester 19380) 1344 Glen Echo Road , J. Stoddard Jr Hayes and Marjorie B. Wilson to Matthew L. Cowan and Christophe­r Cowan, $265,000 (West Chester 19380) 230 Corwen Terrace, Nancy Saville to Nancy Saville and Thomas D. Moran, $1 (West Chester 19380) 244 Birchwood Drive , Edward L. Palmer and Joi M. Palmer to Arunoday Sarkar and Divya C. Desai, $373,000 (West Chester 19380) 273 Fox Run Road , Jeffrey A. Audet and Carol I. Audet to Caroline I. Audet and Carol I. Audet, $1 (Exton 19341) 282 Colwyn Terrace #284 , Paul J. Drucker and Robyn Forbes Drucker to Vivek Singh and Monika Raghuvansh­i, $371,500 (West Chester 19380) 312 Huntington Court , John Stephan Azzi and Anne Marie Azzi to Brett H. Goldman and Jennifer Feld, $270,000 (West Chester 19380) 368 Yoder Rd, Western Federal Credit Union to Lynn A. Ostopowicz and Linda S. Whipple, $260,000 (Harleysvil­le 19438) 38 Michael Lane, Clifford J. Dobrovolec and Monet B. Dobrovolec to Scott Turner, $410,000 (West Chester 19380) 424 Lynetree Dr, R. Daniel Karney and Janice F. Karney to Jane E. Garon, $267,500 (West Chester 19380) 487 Metro Ct , Jennifer L. Morgan to Kevin M. Glenn and Kelsey Piliero, $222,500 (West Chester 19380) 579 West Boot Road , 577 West Boot Road Lp to Gamal M. Elsawah, $500,000 (West Chester 19380) 607 Southern Drive, Joseph J. Mirasola and B. Beth Mirasola to Christina Kane and Aaron Kane, $296,000 (West Chester 19380) 623 Coach Hill Ct, Christophe­r J. Linzey and Christa M. Linzey to Christophe­r J. Linzey and Christa M. Linzey, $1 (West Chester 19380) 69 Delaney Drive , Ning Yu and Anna Chen to Stephen Conklin and Kelly Conklin, $260,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 693 Metro Ct, Barbara A. Walsh to Jason Jones, $228,000 (West Chester 19380-1771) 823 North Winds Drive , Nationstar Mortgage Llc to Susan Delong, $315,000 (Bryn Mawr 19010) 824 Lauber Rd, Richard Mammucari and Mary Lynn Mammucari to Vincent P. Anastasi and Danielle L. Anastasi, $170,000 (West Chester 19382) 824 Lauber Road, Olga J. Taylor and Carol Hershey to Vincent P. Anastasi and Danielle L. Anastasi, $192,000 (West Chester 19382) 891 Railway Sq, Martha L. Bent to James W. Gwinn and Katherine E. Curry, $208,000 (West Chester 19380) 897 Marker Avenue, Michael P. Ameche and Beth A. Ameche to Michael Murphy and Kathleen Murphy, 0 (West Chester 19382) 930 Evan Dr, Joanne Bullock to Sanmei Liu and Feng Peng, $240,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 949 Elmwood Ave , Amanda Klingensmi­th to Amanda Shephard and Beau Shephard, $1 (West Chester 19380)


1009 South Walnut Street, James Beinlich and Lisa Beinlich to Lisa Beinlich, $10 (West Chester 19382) 110 Piedmont Rd, Stephen Lewis and Karen Lewis to Stephen E. Lewis, $1 (West Chester 19382) 1534 Overhill Rd, James P. Gibbons and Charlotte Vollrath to Joseph Sleiman, $205,000 (West Chester 19382) 521 Coventry Lane , Susan S. Townsend to Rebecca G. Mcallister and Daniel W. Mcallister, $250,000 (West Chester 19382) 801 Winchester Ct, Dorothy J. Shovlin to Dorothy J. Shovilin, $1 (West Chester 19382) 820 Serpentine Dr, Jeffrey Rendell and Catherine Rendell to Brian J. Munro and Jennifer M. Munro, $400,000 (West Chester 19382) 917 Oakbourne Road, Ilija Saula and Branka Saula to Branka Saula and Ilija Saula, $10 (West Chester 19382)


13 Kelmar Ave, Elizabeth P. Dimpter and Elisabeth J. Dimpter to Elizabeth P. Dimpter, $1 (Malvern 19355) 1314 North Tulip Drive, Joan B. Simmons and Daniel Simmons to Sharpcat Llc, $225,000 (West Chester 19380) 168 Paoli Pike, Nicholas E. Boccella and Kaitlin M. Bonaskiewi­ch to Nicholas E. Boccella and Kaitlin M. Bonaskiewi­ch, $1 (Malvern 19355) 18 Holly Lane, Michael V. Keenan and Stephen Terrence Keenan to Deborah R. Batchelor and Kevin R. Batchelor, $475,000 (Lawrencevi­lle 86481040) 19 Rambling Lane, Jeffrey Beltrante to Jeffrey W. Beltrante and Danielle J. Beltrante, $1 (Malvern 19355) 207 Cohasset Lane , Aaron M. Govatos and Jennifer L. Govatos to Diane G. Colburn, $390,000 (West Chester 19380) 21 Devon Rd, John D. Nowacek to Mark Miller and Tatiana Miller, $338,000 (Malvern 19355) 26 Red Fox Ln, Joyce W. Brown and Joyce D. Will to James R. Brown and Joyce W. Brown, $1 (Glenmoore 19343) 279 W. Central Avenue, Robert Francis Barbati to Emidio F. Sr Barbati, $1 (Paoli 19301) 3600 Dartmouth Rd, Livvy Property Investors Llc to Patricia Beach and Gregory Beach, $425,000 (Newtown Square 19073) 38 Longview Lane , Frank H. Daurio and Shaaron C. Daurio to Danrui Yang, $402,000 (Newtown Square 19073) 3802 Tall Oaks Lane , Yang Shen and Yina Yao to Ye Zhu and Harris K. Huang, $356,000 (Newtown Square 19073) 4. Harvey Lane , Gail B. Bianco and Ralph Michael Bianco to Ralph Michael Bianco, $1 (Malvern 19355) 40 Long View Lane, Joseph Vandegrift and Joanne Vandegrift to Danny Petrarca and Marian Petrarca, $375,000 (Newtown Square 190731041) 583 Sugartown Rd, Lydia B. Davies and James D. Iii Williamson to Phelps School, $395,000 (Malvern 19355) 799 Grubbs Mill Rd, Donegal Partners I. Lp and Christophe­r K. Mchugh to Carolyn W. Turner and Robert E. Turner Jr 1994 Irrevocabl­e Trust, $1 (Berwyn 19312) 804 W. King Rd, Thomas R. Trio and Margaret F. Trio to Eli John Pot and Kellyanne E. Pot, $400,000 (Malvern 19355) 831 Providence Road , Paxon Hollow Corp to Concert White Manor Llc, $3,500,000 (Malvern 19335) 912 Providence Rd, Paul Gansky and Esther Gansky to Paul Gansky and Esther Gansky, $1 (Newtown Square 19073) 912 Providence Rd, Paul Gansky and Esther Gansky to Paul Gansky and Esther Gansky, $1 (Newtown Square 19073) 92 Longview Lane , Min Ho Jung and Ok Soon Jung to Renat Ramazanov and Julia Gromova, $394,000 (Newtown Square 19073)

List Complete

The following are Chester County property transfers for February 2017.


448 Valley Ave, Secretary Of Housing &. Urban Developmen­t to Keith A. Campbell, $70,697 (Atglen 19310)


1032 Radley Drive , Martin L. Wolf and Debra M. Wolf to James W. Fox, $670,000 (West Chester 19382) 1090 Brintons Bridge Road, Paul R. Langerhans and Robin L. Langerhans to Jill Mcguinn and Todd Leathers, $1,750,000 (West Chester 19382) 466 Crescent Drive , Diane S. Manerchia to Raymond J. Dicamillo and Sarah E. Dicamillo, $457,500 (West Chester 19382)


103 Glen Ridge Drive, Hoffy Unlimited Llc to Katherine Swan, $236,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 1104 Scott Drive, Kevin Kann to Sashidhar Rao, $63,400 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 12395 Maple Way, Stephen B. Janiec and Anthony Janiec to Mary Ann Diguglielm­o, $342,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 1240 Devonshire Rd, Rouse/ chamberlin Ltd and R/c Management Corp to Lee D. Stoltenber­g and Judith A. Stoltenber­g, $327,128 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 1321 Walnut St, Household Finance Consumer Discount Company to John Alexander and Suzanne Alexander, $180,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 1380 Wilmington Pk Ste 204, Caln-nether Co L. P. and Mark Bedwell to B. Station Crossing Llc, $390,000 (West Chester 19382) 159 Appledore Drive, Kristin L. Carlin and Kristin L. Nagg to Sarah E. Puco, $159,900 (Downingtow­n 19335) 200 Newlin Dr, Albert M. Sardella and John V. Sardella to John V. Sardella and Bernadette M. Sardella, $1 (Downingtow­n 19335) 207 Katherine Ln, U. S. Bank and Springleaf Mortgage Loan Trust 2013-3 to Christina M. Moses and Philip K. Moses, $136,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 239 Hidden Creek Drive, Damien C. Blair and Carolyn A. Blair to Ronald D. Jr Homnack and Kathrin Homnack, $340,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 2433 Miller Ave, Wade R. Shaver and Karen Shaver to Kevin G. Mcguire and Susanna Mcguire, $163,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 2548 Clothier Street, Central Penn Capital Management Llc to Adam R. Saylor and Richard G. Saylor, $149,900 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 272 Octorara Trail, U. S. Bank to Parkesburg Properties Llc, $121,000 (Gap 17527) 2861 Westerham Road, Hari B. Padivetu and Vijaya B. Padivetu to Jason Breznicky and Ashley Breznicky, $260,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 3. Marion Dr, John C. Knott to Katelynn Rosen and Gregory Rosen, $273,000 (Thorndale 19372) 43 Nancy Ln, Ronald D. Jr Homnack and Kathrin Homnack to Joshua W. Grant and Lauren K. Grant, $183,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 5. Parkside Ave, Russell F. Kebbe to Barry Joseph Decarlo, $65,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 723 Suzanne Drive, Jennifer Tornabe and Matthew Tornabe to Louis J. Gregor and Julia Caruso, $186,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320)


1. Devault Road, Thomas Fillippo and Joanne Fillippo to Joelle Fillippo Trust and Lucy Difillippo, $10 (Devault 19432) 1055 Westlakes Dr Ste 300, Bmr-spring Mill Drive Llc and Bmr-spring Mill Drive Lp to Warren Ave Investors Llc, $7,925,500 (Berwyn 19312) 1055 Westlakes Drive Suite 300, Bmr-phoenixvil­le Pike Llc and Bmr-335-395 Phoenixvil­le Pike Llc to Warren Ave Investors Llc, $11007500 (Berwyn 19312) 118 Huntingdon Court, John J. Lomanno and Jeanne Lomanno to Jeanne Lomanno, $1 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 144 Spring Oak Dr, Jpo Spring Oak Lp and Conservato­ry Group General Partner Inc to Pawan Kumar Bajoria and Meghalee Agrawal, $556,662 (Malvern 19355) 147 Spring Oak Drive, Jpo Spring Oak Lp and Conservato­ry Group General Partner Inc to Eric T. Phillips and Darlene J. Phillips, $806,063 (Malvern 19355) 149 Spring Oak Drive , Jpo Spring Oak Lp and Conservato­ry Group General Partner Inc to John I. Ferguson and Carolyn E. Ferguson, $705,215 (Malvern 19355) 159 Spring Oak Drive, Jpo Spring Oak Lp and Conservato­ry Group General Partner Inc to Barry Desantis and Jean A. Desantis, $751,064 (Malvern 19355) 2066 Conestoga Road , Justin L. Clough and Heather G. Clough to Abraham B. Smith and Bridgette E. Smith, $470,000 (Malvern 19355) 322 Quigley Drive , Jpo Spring Oak Lp and Conservato­ry Group General Partner Inc to Ravi Kumar Boyapati and Ravi Kumar Boyapati, $645,005 (Malvern 19355) 335 Quigley Drive , Jpo Spring Oak Lp and Conservato­ry Group General Partner Inc to Johnny C. Kwan and Pauline K. Lai, $521,964 (Malvern 19355)


1003 Caln Meetinghou­se Rd, Colombia Labbe Ocampo and Ida Labbe to Calabrese Investment­s Llc, $32,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 105 W. Kennedy Dr, Bank Of New York Mellon and Nationstar Home Equity Loan Trust 2009-a0 to Rajnish Gulati and Rajni Gulati, $35,000 (Egg Harbor Township 8234) 1211 Walnut St, James G. Klunk and Rosalinda S. Klunk to Kristen Klunk Cahoon and Kristen Klunk Cahoon, $1 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 1229 Polo Run Dr , Christophe­r W. Coble and Audra A. Coble to Cameron Adams, $5,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 123 South 6th Ave , Rosemary D. Franciscus and Rosemarie D. Franciscus to Jennifer Ann Miller, $1 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 124 N. 10th Ave, Mildred Smith and David M. Faulkner to Scott Lewis Forman and Donna M. Bishop-forman, $105,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 203 West Harmony Road, Daniel Scully and Joseph Devine to Philip E. Ii Ingaglio and Philip E. Iii Ingaglio, $46,500 (West Grove 19390) 255 Buchanan Road, Bw Ventures Llc to Stoltzfus Group Lp, $115,000 (Honey Brook 19344) 2811 Fishervill­e Road, Robert Wisnewski to Constantin­e Svokos and Lambrine Svokos, $12,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 290 S. Vintage Road , Juanita J. Francis to Golden Aspens Llc, $105,000 (Paradise 17562) 3401 West End Avenue Suite 760w, Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, $10 (Nashville 37203)

345 East Chestnut Street, Stephen Cane to Marie Disasi, $237,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 411 Clinton Aly , U. S. Department Of Housing &. Urban Developmen­t Of Washington D. C. to Vincent Angelini and Christine Angelini, $32,500 (West Chester 19382) 414 N. 8th, Javiar Ramirez and Silvia Cubos-palafox to Silvia Cubos-palafox, $1 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 433 Holly Road, Solomente Llc to Douglas Ricketts, $59,000 (Yeadon 19050) 600 Walden Drive, Thomas D. Sr Lambert and Thomas D. Lambert to Thomas D. Lambert and Lillian L. Debaptiste, $125,000 (West Chester 19380) 819 Oak Street, Karen Felker and Karen Bowman to Todd E. Stringer, $190,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 96 Irish Lane, David D. Dantzler and Bertha R. Dantzler to Tasha M. Dantzler-hoggard and Leroy J. Jr Hoggard, $1 (Coatesvill­e 19320) P. O. Box 202, Lena Allen and Lena M. Allen to Cama Sdira Llc and Lyle Sell Ira, $4,000 (Exton 19341)


116 Bradford Ave, Robert M. Plunkett and Candace E. Plunkett to Katrina Tull and Carlton Tull, $235,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 1205 Powder Mill Road , Matthew J. Wilson to Monarch Farm Investment­s Llc, $75,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 1825 Fairview Rd, Bank Of New York Mellon and Bank Of New York to Abramo Taraschi and Francis Jr Taraschi, $176,000 (Glenmoore 19343) 196 Race Street, National Equity Inc &. N. P. Dodge Jr Trust and N. P. Jr Dodge to Richard Taylor and Krista Taylor, $323,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 220 Jefferson Ave , Deborah H. Kelly and Amelia E. Hiddleson to Ajay Tyagi and Neelu Tyagi, $255,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 2707 North 118th Street, Eric Miller and Jenna Miller to National Equity Inc &. N. P. Dodge Jr Trust and N. P. Jr Dodge, $323,000 (Omaha 68164) 311 Marshall Rd, Michelle Taraschi and Michelle Terry to Croce T. Caltaldo and Claudia X. Plata, $295,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 335 E. Lancaster Ave, Anthony M. Casenta and Elizabeth G. Casenta to Sherwood P. Stanton, $114,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 337 Highland Ave, Joseph A. Katz and Julie Ann Katz to Julie Ann Katz, $1 (Downingtow­n 19335) 852 Hopewell Road, Bruce R. Bredickas to Hopewell United Methodist Church, $450,000 (Downingtow­n 19335)


1018 Edgemill Way, Canavarro Family Irrevocabl­e Trust and Canavarro Irrevocabl­e Family Trust to Paul R. Canavarro and Peter Canavarro, $1 (West Chester 19382) 1120 Saint Finegan Dr, John H. Jr Cain and Marleen M. Montgomery Cain to Henry A. Iv Smith and Kelly J. Smith, $550,000 (West Chester 19382) 1124 Saint Finegan Drive , Janet A. Jones and Kenneth T. Jones to Janet A. Jones, $1 (West Chester 19382) 1131 Skelp Level Rd, William C. Mcfarland to John Michael Proto and Carmella Proto, $221,750 (Downingtow­n 19335) 1153 Meghan Ct, Cartus Financial Corp to Luke A. Benner and Camelia G. Benner, $600,000 (West Chester 19382) 307 Fox Hollow Lane , American Internatio­nal Relocation Solutions Llc to Thomas M. Monroe and Dana Monroe, $600,000 (West Chester 19382) 40 Apple Ridge Rd, Dennis M. Jr Kollhoff and Kristen A. Kollhoff to Cartus Financial Corp, $600,000 (Danbury 6810) 402 Sunny Brook Lane, Thomas W. Jr Griffith and Dorothy A. Griffith to Susan Weisbrot, $665,000 (West Chester 19382) 487 S. Creek Road , Michael P. Morton and Kim Denise Morton to Kerstin Sara Allemeier and Daniel Ralph Jr Allemeier, $480,000 (West Chester 19382) 6. Penn Center West , Matthew P. Potter and Taylor L. Potter to American Internatio­nal Relocation Solutions Llc, $600,000 (Pittsburgh 15276) 719 Price St, Fred M. Rothman and Meryle Rothman to Ellie Byrom Haley and Ellie Byrom Haley, $505,000 (West Chester 19382) 726 Bradford Terrace , Louise Schorn Smith to Ethan Collik, $215,465 (West Chester 19382) 827 Plumtry Dr, Ryan Phillips and Mary Kate Phillips to John P. Rothwell and Sharon S. Rothwell, $270,000 (West Chester 19382) 886 Amber Ln, Nancy L. Rossana to Kevin A. Triglia and Kolleen A. Skahan, $250,000 (West Chester 19382) 905 Briarwood Court, Hsbc Bank Usa and Deutsche Alt-a Securities Inc Mortgage Loan Trust to Gerhard H. Scherffel and Angela E. Scherffel, $300,000 (West Chester 19380) 911 West Miner Street, Francis W. Jr Harrington to Francis W. Jr Harrington and Deborah Bergen, $1 (West Chester 19382)


111 Grandview Dr, Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Matthew Eisenberg and Kristina Hall, $345,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 13 Montague Rd, Robert P. Tkachick and Gladys Tkachick to Robert P. Tkachick, $1 (Newark 19713) 242 Patriot Ln, Louis J. Jr Ciliberti and Mallory A. Ciliberti to Louis J. Jr Ciliberti, $1 (Downingtow­n 19335) 251 Sills Lane , Darrel R. Ranf to Darrel R. Ranf and Virginia Nodalo Pacaldo, $1 (Downingtow­n 19335) 630 Prizer Ct, David Divito and Kelli Divito to Timothy C. Young and Sarah Galloway, $352,500 (Downingtow­n 19335) 7000 Geerdes Blvd, Ssv Limited Partnershi­p to Comm Of Pa Department Of Transporta­tion, $1 (King Of Prussia 19406) 90 Rebecca Drive, Southdown Homes L. P. and Southdown Properties Inc to David A. Divito and Kelli A. Divito, $526,933 (Downingtow­n 19335) Po Box 467, Nancy V. Eachus and Ginnette Bradley to Tomig &. Associates Llc, $155,000 (West Chester 19380)


137 Madison Way , Michael J. Jr Donnelly and Joy Donnelly to Jingyun Han, $345,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 28 Kennedy Drive, Lan Zhong to Vinayak Patil and Shruti Kanetkar, $320,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 33 Downing Ci, Griffith E. Roberts to Griffith E. Roberts and Robin Seifert, $1 (Downingtow­n 19335) 34 Mcilvain Dr, Christophe­r Benetatos to Diana M. Lanshe and Lowell T. Jr Lanshe, $393,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 828 Windridge Ln, John Vergara and Natasha Gupta to John Vergara and Natasha Gupta, $1 (Downingtow­n 19335)


108 N. Savanna Drive , Jason T. Gerhart to Seth Mcnaughton and Rachel Mcnaughton, $239,000 (Pottstown 19465) 1129 Old Schuylkill Rd, David W. Weaver and Frank W. Sr Weaver to Kerry Lynn Flood and Emma Joy Flood, $106,000 (Pottstown 19465) 117 N. Savanna Drive, Eric Robert Mcguiney to Eric Robert Mcguiney and Roberta H. Mcguiney, $1 (Pottstown 19465) 12 Linwood Circle, Cheryl Laubach to Cheryl Laubach and Kelly A. Laubach, $1 (Pottstown 19465) 16 Bayberry Lane , Christian Strunk and April Henderson to Mary C. Cardella and Andrew Jastrem, $196,000 (Pottstown 19465) 2579 Route 724, Michael J. Makris to Michael J. Makris, $1 (Parker Ford 19457) 31 N. Savanna Dr, Craig P. Emery and Jay R. Trego to Joshua C. Hunsberger and Karyn Hunsberger, $105,000 (Pottstown 19465) 314 Bishop Rd, Amy W. Sosnov and Edwin S. Fitzgerald to Jonathan H. Pervatt and Faith N. Pervatt, $335,000 (Pottstown 19465) 315 Pughtown Rd, Josephine G. Ussler to Spanky Farms Llc, $900,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 41 Porters Mill Road , Irene H. Lopuski and Lopuski Family Trust to Irene H. Lopuski and Irene D. Lopuski, $1 (Pottstown 19465) 41 Porters Mill Road , Irene H. Lopuski and Irene D. Lopuski to Irene H. Lopuski and Irene D. Lopuski, $1 (Pottstown 19465) 413 Saylors Mill Rd, Thomas S. Neilsen and Joan E. Neilsen to Paul D. College and Beth College, $327,000 (Spring City 19475) 55 Latschar Lane, Blaise Andrew Kilroy and Blaise A. Sr Kilroy to Cheryl A. Kilroy and Blaise A. Sr Kilroy, $1 (Spring City 19475) 61 Linwood Circle, Telvil Corp to Raymond D. Jr Disandro and Carolyn M. Disandro, $413,155 (Pottstown 19465) 855 Ellis Woods Rd, Mackissic Inc to East Coventry Township, $1 (Pottstown 19465) 855 Ellis Woods Rd, Mackissic Inc to East Coventry Township, $1 (Pottstown 19465)


101 Crossing Blvd, Steven Rodriguez and Alicia R. Rodriguez to Daniel E. Kallon and Beatrice S. Kallon, $245,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 103 Taggart Dr, Ronald L. Taggart to Ronald L. Taggart and Victoria M. Taggart, $1 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 108 Bellevue Drive, Ngekor N. Ebwelle and Nelson Ngekor Ebwelleson to Imelda N. Namondo, $1 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 140 Watch Hill Road, Ivan L. Uscamayta and Ana Uscamayta to Ivan L. Uscamayta, $1 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 1414 Hampton Dr, Frank M. Jr Sabo and Louise B. Sabo to Karen S. Rabb, $184,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 21 N. Danbury Circle , Us Rof Iii Legal Title Trust 2015 -1 and U. S. Bank to Kornerston­e Investment Partners Llc, $182,100 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 40 Youngsburg Rd, Anabelle Cox to Curtis D. Kerns and Stacy Kerns, $1 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 418 Windsor Street, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co and Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc to Kj Custom Homes Llc, $124,000 (Reading 19601) 535 Misty Patch Road, Donald R. Berlin and Jeanne Berlin to Thomas J. Berlin and Elise Berlin, $325,000 (Coatesvill­e 19320) 760 Buck Run Road, Laurel Carnie and Christophe­r Conlon to Matthew J. Burns and Kara A. Snyder, $229,900 (Coatesvill­e 19320) Shepard Mall Office Complex 2401 Nw 23rd Street Suite 1d, Nationstar Mortgage Llc to Secretary Of Housing &. Urban Developmen­t, $1 (Oklahoma City 73107)


1073 Kennett Way, Mary Jane Fritsch and Thomas J. Fritsch to Mary Jane Fritsch and Mary Jane Fritsch Revocable Living Trust, 0 (West Chester 19380) 111 N. Chester Rd, Jane Polito Marks to Sara P. Marks and Constance Marie Murphy, $325,000 (West Chester 19380) 111 N. Chester Rd, Jane Polito Marks to Sara P. Marks and Constance Marie Murphy, $75,000 (West Chester 19380) 13 Oaktree Ln, Joseph Reilly and Linda A. Barr to Lisa Bureski, $93,000 (Malvern 19355) 1324 West Chester Pike Unit 304, Kurt Heister and Leigh Heister to James Powers and Julie Powers, $291,000 (West Chester 19382) 133 Bantery Road, Norma G. Morgan and Norma M. Todd to Lawrence E. Morgan and James P. Morgan, $1 (West Chester 19380) 1334 Mark Drive, Peter B. Piotti to Peter B. Piotti and Peter B. Jr Piotti, $1 (West Chester 19380) 1394 Springton Lane, George J. Mangos to George J. Mangos and Roberta B. Mangos, $1 (West Chester 19380) 1485 Alton Way , Carolyn M. Carruthers to Allen &. Lovelyn Llc, $102,000 (Downingtow­n 19335) 1605 E. Glenmont Ln, Michael P. Bibbo and Lynn M. Bibbo to Michael P. Bibbo and Lynn M. Bibbo, 0 (West Chester 19380) 1733 Town Dr, Jean E. Patterson to Jean Evelyn Patterson and Jean Evelyn Patterson Revocable Trust Agreement, $1 (West Chester 19380) 1733 Town Dr, Kenneth J. Wiggall to Kenneth James Wiggall and Kenneth James Wiggall Revocable Trust Agreement, $1 (West Chester 19380) 1741 Hunters Circle , Marilyn K. Thomas and Melissa Carduff to Michael Warren Garner and Marissa Ann Garner, $850,000 (West Chester 19380) 206 Margaret Lane, Renee Cooper to Mark C. Campbell and Jennifer M. Campbell, $134,500 (West Chester 19380) 21 Chandler Drive , Joan B. Dugan to Carl Copeland, $197,000 (West Chester 19380) 216 Prescott Drive, John L. Fernandes to Bhanu Prakash Sadhneni, $115,000 (Chester Springs 19425) 2406 Pond View Drive, Ann M. White to Andrew John Jr Errico, $130,000 (West Chester 19382) 320 Newlin Pointe, Lynn C. Trabbold to Marie Trabbold Coppola and Marie Trabbold Coppola, $1 (Glen Mills 19342) 365 Devon Way, Barbara H. Mulvey and Robert F. Mulvey &. Barbara H. Mulvey Revocable Living Trust to Barbara H. Mulvey, $1 (West Chester 19380) 417 Beaumont Circle, William H. Greiner and Irene M. Bernard to William H. Greiner, $1 (West Chester 19380) 43 Tulip Drive, Cordes &. Slack Building Partnershi­p to 4csb Group Llc, $492,500 (Malvern 19355) 575 Woodside Ave, Ingrid C. Deckman and Lisa Margot Deckman to Ingrid C. Deckman, $1 (Berwyn 19312) 580 Franklin Wy, Bruce M. Simons to Allan R. Soldwisch and Elizabeth A. Soldwisch, $415,000 (West Chester 19380) 62 Paul Revere Rd , Marian J. Litwinko and Kevin Litwinko to Thomas B. Breene and Colleen Q. Breene, $162,000 (Oil City 16301) 650 Summit House, Therese M. Costa and Therese M. Mandarino to Therese M. Mandarino and Michael J. Mandarino, 0 (West Chester 19382) 651 Summit House, Alison C. Letzkus and Alison C. Kreutzer to Brendan P. Shearn and Ashley N. Mcivor, $161,000 (West Chester 19382) 810 Cottonwood Drive, Eve Lynann Janos and Jo Ann Wishniowsk­i to Michael H. Bower and Patricia A. Bower, $460,000 (Malvern 19355) 83201 Old Highway Unit 223, Marie Trabbold Coppola and Marie Trabbold Coppola to William L. Keller and Catherine L. Keller, $190,000 (Islamorada 33036) 883 Jefferson Way , Edwin Joseph Iii Frey and Edwin J. Jr Frey to Dennis K. Thompson and Margery C. Thompson, $344,500 (West Chester 19380) 936 Jefferson Way, Marilyn Z. Foley to Eleanor Didonato, $208,500 (West Chester 19380) 941 Cornwallis Dr, Eugene C. Amparo to Kasey Koontz and Natalie Glaug, $450,000 (West Chester 19380) Po Box 522, James E. Thorn and Catherine S. Thorn to Marilyn L. Salyers, $400,000 (Malvern 19355)


10 Walnut Valley Road, Gregory J. Mccarthy to Gregory J. Mccarthy and Sandra Mayer, $1 (Chadds Ford 19317) 10 Walnut Valley Road, Sandra V. Mayer and Sandra Mayer to Gregory J. Mccarthy and Sandra Mayer, $1 (Chadds Ford 19317) 101 Cedar Key Lane, Oscar W. Daum and Emily Daum to Emily Daum, $1 (Kennett Square 19348) 103 Peacedale Road, Ray H. Krantz to Alice Hamerlinck, $101,800 (Kennett Square 19348) 107 Violet Drive, Mary Jane Holloway to Mary Jane Holloway and Mary Jane Holloway Revocable Trust, $1 (Kennett Square 19348) 129 Spring House Way, Charles Powell and Deborah Chauncey to Charles Powell, $1 (Kennett Square 19348) 142 Beverly Drive, Wells Fargo Bank to Scott W. Gearhart, $308,500 (Kennett Square 19348) 150 Onix Drive, Shs Llc and Malchione Schafer Silver Protective Trust Ii to Longwood Carwash Llc, $1 (Kennett Square 19348) 1635 W. Doe Run Rd, Nancy L. Pelet and J. Michael Jr Pelet to Gregory S. Keller and Victoria R. Keller, $729,000 (Kennett Square 19348) 429 Greenwood Rd, Joseph J. Roark and Caroldean E. Roark to Matthew Allen Schmid and Maia Ramirez Aitken, $376,000 (Kennett Square 19348) 501 Pennock Ave, Justin Hadfield and Alexandra M. Hadfield to Thomas John Kretschmai­er and Alana Kretschmai­er, $371,000 (Kennett Square 19348) 932 Wawaset Rd, John Sweeney to Stanley Kreider, $225,000 (Kennett Square 19348)


1137 Fairview Rd, Steven R. Noone to Steven R. Noone, $1 (Glenmoore 19343) 1137 Fairview Rd, Steven R. Noone to Steven R. Noone, $1 (Glenmoore 19343) 20 Yeaton Ln, Mark B. Russell and Shannon S. Harvey Russell to Erkan A. Chase, $510,000 (Glenmoore 19343) 701 Park Rd, Paul W. Dovin and Jean M. Dovin to Paul W. Dovin and Jean M. Dovin, $1 (Honey Brook 19344) 701 Park Rd, Wilmer N. Weaver and Sylvia A. Weaver to Paul W. Dovin and Jean M. Dovin, $8,000 (Honey Brook 19344)


149 W. Sherwood Drive , Michael D. Zadorzany to Michael D. Zadorzany and Jeanne Zadorzany, $1 (Oxford 19363) 150 Mccoury Road, Louise S. Cooper and Louise Siewierski to Louise S. Cooper and Kevin M. Walsh, $1 (Nottingham 19362) 197 Barnsley Rd, U. S. Bank and Nationstar Mortgage Llc to Scott Moran and Collin Moran, $91,875 (Oxford 19363) 220 New Furnace Road , Emanuel Mendez Ruiz and Ana Mendez Ruiz to Ana Mendez Ruiz and Juana Mendez Ruiz, $1 (Nottingham 19362) 344 Redbud Dr, Walter Muzorori and Nikiwe Tobani to William J. Jr Martin, $220,000 (Oxford 19363) 531 Misty Drive, Greenpoint Farm Inc to Christophe­r R. Brutsche and Lauren E. Brutsche, $284,080 (Oxford 19363) 554 Misty Drive , Greenpoint Farm Inc to Bruce W. Boyd and Linda C. Boyd, $339,115 (Oxford 19363) 563 Misty Dr, Greenpoint Farm Inc to Kelly S. Harrison, $264,855 (Oxford 19363) 585 Little Elk Creek Road, Ventures Trust 2013-i-h-r and Mcm Capital Partners Llc to Eva Ann Burkhardt and Douglas Eugene Bair, $280,000 (Oxford 19363) 619 Flamingo St, Jason Drab and Jessica Drab to Donald W. Gomish and Linda M. Gattuso, $27,500 (Philadelph­ia 19128) 750 Mt Pleasant Rd, Steven G. England and William F. England to John C. Stoltzfus and Rebecca B. Stoltzfus, $350,000 (Honey Brook 19344)


1. Ott Lane , Cwm Management Llc to Richard F. Ott and Frances P. Ott, $150,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 1007 Cherry Wood Ct Unit 1007, Donna Sabatino Gambino to Ellen S. Guglielmi, $204,900 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 101 Katie Way, Martin J. Lauterwald to John Gallagher and Amanda Podlas, $475,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 1016 Balfour Circle, Ronald L. Stoudt and Margaret C. Stoudt to Ronald L. Stoudt &. Margaret C. Stoudt Family Wealth Trust and Ronald L. Stoudt, $1 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 103 Kimberbrae Dr, William Colihan and Amy Colihan to William Colihan, $1 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 1065 Hares Hill Road, Blaine Huey and Janet Huey to Blaine Huey, $1 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 11 Crestview Road , Raymond R. Iii Straub and Mary C. Straub to Thomas Henry Ii Crymes and Beth Ellen Crymes, $340,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 1140 Balfour Circle, Ronald J. Gosdeck and Sharon L. Gosdeck to Robert E. Goldsmith and Elizabeth A. Goldsmith, $510,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 118 Trotters Drive, Kimberton 501 Llc to Kimberton Leasing Llc, $1,203,300 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 141 Coldstream Road, Elaine A. Terstappen to Karl E. Terstappen, $1 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 1801 Diane Circle , James C. Witte to Carly Benjamin and Matthew Benjamin, $211,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 2401 Dawn Way, Victor A. Iii Krone and Arica E. Krouse to Kimberly Louise Mcgarvey and Douglas Matthew Wray, $222,500 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 342 Drummers Lane, Robin Casper to Mark J. Bieber, $240,000 (Wayne 19087) 416 St Anns Circle, Ralph E. Jr Mitsch and Mary E. Mitsch to Ralph E. Jr Mitsch, $1 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 485 Merlin Road, Gregory B. Vasko and Karen Vasko to Bryan F. Buono and Bernadette Buono, $326,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 500 Schuylkill Rd, Shirley A. Eselby to Mark A. Sr Eselby, $212,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 519 Merlin Rd, Wells Fargo Bank to David H. Bell, $166,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 548 Merlin Rd, Earle H. Jr Dietrich and Susan S. Dietrich to Vincent Portaro and Annette Portaro, $500,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 572 Kimberton Road, Hoa V. Dinh and Lieu T. Dinh to Theresa Clark and Matthew L. Clark, $425,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 6200 Oaktree Blvd Ste 300, Antonio Velez and Tiffany Velez to Sirva Relocation Properties Llc, $437,500 (Independen­ce 44131) 775 Penllyn Blue Bell Pike, David Bell and Kathie Bell to Abh Builders Inc, $90,000 (Blue Bell 19422) 809 Camp Ci, Sirva Relocation Properties Llc to Martin J. Mcnamee, $437,500 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 9. Otts Lane , Richard F. Ott and Frances P. Ott to Joseph J. Ott, $1 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 927 Township Line Road , Richard F. Ott and Frances P. Ott to Robert W. Jr Trout and Mary Ellen Trout, $1 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) 949 Spring City Road, Broc H. Fleck and Megan E. Navarro to Joseph Walter Jr Hitner and Melanie Frances Scharff, $230,000 (Phoenixvil­le 19460) Po Box 157, Elizabeth A. Fifer and James K. Overstreet to James K. Overstreet Trust and Elizabeth A. Fifer, $1 (Birchrunvi­lle 19421)


140 Hill Church Rd, Hsbc Bank Usa and Renaissanc­e Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-1 to Nicholas A. Long, $120,474 (Spring City 19475) 147 Barton Dr, Margaret Husted to James S. Kolter and Pamela M. Kolter, $356,000 (Spring City 19475) 19 Washington Square , Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Brendan Pancott, $297,890 (Spring City 19475) 201 Rolling Glen Lane, Daniel J. Schlichtig and Kristen L. Schlichtig to Christina Covey and Nathan S. Covey, $342,500 (Spring City 19475) 21 Washington Square , Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Sean D. Ferrer and Nancy K. Ferrer, $299,260 (Spring City 19475) 233 Eadie Way, Toll Pa Xv L. P. and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Daniel A. Scott and Nancy J. Scott, $620,978 (Spring City 19475) 362 Stony Run Road, William Francis Iv Donahower and Mary Elizabeth Donahower to Paul R. Semon, $150,000 (Spring City 19475)


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