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YOUR DAILY BREAK | | 6 DAILY LOCAL NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 B Horoscopes ADVICE Discovery of genetic disorder forces confession of affair Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23): Aries (March 21-April 19): This is not a time for leaping. Steps forward will be more than enough. There’s someone you want to know better. Allow things to build slowly and steadily. Small risks escalate the action. This is not a time for leaping. it’s right to take “no” for an answer, and other times, such as this one, you have such a strong feeling that your offering will really help all involved that it’s worth it to move past “no” with a counteroffer. most people are not quite so effective as they think they are, you have the opposite dynamic going on today. You don’t know your own strength. Hint: It’s about five times more effective than you expect. It’s better to let off steam little by little than to let it build and eventually blow up at an inopportune time. The perfect partner in letting loose will come along tonight. Your life is full of gifts and blessings, so many that if someone off the street were to just step into your life, that person wouldn’t be sure where to start the gratitude list. But you know where to start it. So go there, and be happy. Taurus (April 20-May 20): Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): People will not sanction the cost of what they don’t understand. Your options are to make them understand or flesh it out yourself at whatever cost it takes and let them catch up later. When it’s not working, the answer can be to try harder and do more. This isn’t always the answer. Sometimes the answer is to stop or to go at it a different way. But right now, what’s needed is repetition of effort. Prove your stamina. Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 21): Validation can be addictive. Knowing this, when you hear the praise, keep your head. Recognize it for what it is, a sticky bit of honey that can trap you if you land and rest too long there. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): Gemini (May 21-June 21): You’ve an instinct to disclose that’s running counter to your instinct toward charm. Consider the wisdom of the French writer Voltaire when he said that the secret to being boring is to say everything. It will be a scenario you feel familiar with but on guard about. You’ll prepare to say no, but inexplicably, when the moment comes, all won’t go as planned. Consider inviting a friend into this with you. Whereas Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Greatness isn’t something that exists in a few rare souls. It’s in there inside all. The problem for many is that they just don’t believe in their own kernel of greatness. You’ll remedy this for someone today. It’s time to narrow your focus and home in on one goal. Can you pull this off with less? Can you involve fewer people? By getting small, you will accomplish big. Sometimes Ten years ago, I had an affair with a married man that resulted in a pregnancy and then a miscarriage. I was also married at the time. Pathology testing revealed that the child had a rare genetic disorder inherited on the paternal side. My husband’s genetic test indicated that he was not a carrier. The revelation led to my admission of the affair and our divorce. I didn’t tell the other man. His wife was unable to have children, so I didn’t think it would impact him. I recently found out he is divorced and remarried to a younger woman. I have no idea whether they plan to have children, but I’m torn about telling him he is a carrier for that life-threatening disorder. Selfishly, I do not want to reopen this shameful period of my life, so my instinct is to leave it alone, but I feel morally obligated to let him know. Should I contact him and tell him he was the father of the child and that he is a carrier of this genetic abnormality? DEAR ABBY >> Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Cancer (June 22-July 22): Monday Evening February 11, 2019 6 6:30 7 7:30 8 8:30 9 9:30 10 10:30 11 11:30 PM PM PM PM PM PM Entertainm ent Tonight Wheel of Fortune (N) Access Evening News (N) ABC World News (N) News 8 at 6 NBC News (N) (N) NBC 10 NBC News News (N) (N) PBS NewsHour (N) (HD) Eyewitness News (N) News (N) Inside Edition Jeopardy! (N) Entertainm ent Tonight Extra Neighbor- Man With a Big Brother: Celebrity hood (N) Plan (N) Edition (N) (HD) The Bachelor The bachelorettes travel to Vietnam's Cam Ranh coast. (N) (HD) America's Got Talent "The Champions: Finals" The top 12 finalists perform for the judges. (N) (HD) America's Got Talent "The Champions: Finals" The top 12 finalists perform for the judges. (N) (HD) BBC News Antiques Rd. "Ca' d'Zan Antiques Rd. "Miami America (N) (Hour Three)" (N) (HD) Beach (Hour One)" (HD) The Modern Mom The Black-ish Goldbergs "Mother!" Goldbergs "Churched" NJTV News Nature "Equus: Story of Nova "Kilauea: Hawaii on the Horse" Fire" The Resident (N) (HD) The Passage (N) (HD) Bull "Leave It All Behind" Eyewitness (N) (HD) News (N) The Good Doctor "Tough Action Titmouse" (HD) News (N) Manifest "Hard Landing" News 8 at (N) (HD) 11 (N) Manifest "Hard Landing" NBC 10 (N) (HD) News (N) Independent Lens "Hale County This Morning, This Evening" (N) (HD) Action News at 10 on Modern PHL17 (N) Family S.Dead "Jamestown's NJTV News Dark Winter" (HD) Fox 29 News (N) (HD) Colbert KYW (:35) (3) (N) CBS Jimmy Kimmel Tonight Show (N) Tonight Show (N) Amanpour & C (N) Two and a Half Men One-onOne TMZ WPVI (:35) (6) ABC WGAL (:35) (8) NBC Access WCAU (:35) (10) NBC Dear Abby Business (N) Big Bang Big Bang Theory Theory NJTV News BBC News One-onOne America Page Six TV Dish Nation TMZ WHYY (12) PBS Black-ish WPHL (17) MNT WNJS (23) NJN News (N) Fox 29 News (N) Killer "The Man From Across the Border, Part 2" Praise WTXF (29) FOX Johan Falk "Mother of All Robberies" Rydell is recruited to foil a bank transport robbery. John Gray Don Wilton SamRodr- Potter's Enjoying Franklin BillyGr- GregLaurie. World iguez Touch Life Graham aham.TV TV Family Family Family Family Arrow "Star City Slayer" Black Lightning (N) (HD) Eyewitness 2 Broke Mike & The King of Feud Feud Feud (N) Feud (N) (N) (HD) News (N) Girls Molly Queens Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds "Hero Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds "Breath "Anonymous" "Nelson's Sparrow" Worship" "Scream" "Lockdown" Play" Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G. (HD) Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon (HD) Studio 54 (‘18, Doc) Ian Schrager. (HD) Nazi "Herbert Cukurs" Nazi "Adolf Eichmann" Nazi Fugi "Klaus Barbie" Nazi Fugi "Erich Priebke" Nazi "Joseph Mengele" Nazi Fugi "Kurt Lishka" Jurassic Park (‘93, Sci-Fi) Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill. Planet Earth: Dynasties "Painted Jurassic Park (‘93, Sci-Fi) Genetically re-created dinosaurs escape captivity. (HD) Wolf" (N) (HD) Laura Dern, Sam Neill. (HD) N.west "Poacher Pursuit" No Man "Finish Strong" The Last Alaskans Alaskans "The Hunted" The Last Alaskans The Last Alaskans A Madea Christmas (‘13, Com) Tyler Perry, Chad Michael Murray. (HD) American Soul American Soul Martin Martin VanderR "Girls' Night In" Vanderpump Rules Vanderpump Rules Vanderpump Rules (N) Vanderpumped (N) Watch (N) VanderR Mad Money American Greed: Scam American Greed: Scam American Greed: Scam Greed: Deadly Rich American Greed: Scam The Situation Room OutFront Anderson Cooper 360 Cuomo Prime Time CNN Tonight CNN Tonight The The Office "Search The The Office Office "The The Office The Office The Office The Office The Daily The Office Committee" 1/2 (HD) Office "The List" Incentive" "Lotto" "Spooked" Show (N) Other Two Slants Pre-game NHL Hockey Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers (L) (HD) Flyers Post-game (L) Slants NHL Hockey Pit./Pha. HouseRep. Floor proceedings of the U.S. House of Representatives. (L) Politics & Public The day's major public affairs and political events. Street Outlaws Street Outlaws: Full Street Outlaws: Full (N) Street Outlaws (N) To Be Announced American Chopper (N) Bunk'd Bunk'd Bunk'd CoopCami Andi Mack Sydney CoopCami Bizaard. Bunk'd Bunk'd Raven's. Raven's. Chrisley Chrisley E! News (N) Just Go With It (‘11, Com) Adam Sandler. (HD) Dating (N) Tonight (N) Dating SportsCenter (N) NCAA Basketball (L) NCAA Basketball Kansas at TCU (L) SportsCenter (N) Horn (N) Interrupt NCAA Basketball S.C./Con. (L) (HD) NCAA Basketball Oklahoma at Baylor (L) (HD) 30 for 30 "42 To 1" News Catholics Daily Mass Journey "Don Smith" News Rosary The World Over Battle Women 1/5 The Middle The Middle Big Daddy (‘99, Com) Adam Sandler. (HD) Role Models (‘08, Com) (HD) The 700 Club Special Report The Story Tucker Carlson Tonight Hannity The Ingraham Angle Special Report Chopped Chopped Kids Baking Champion Kids Baking: Extra (N) Winner Cake All (N) Chopped Hitman: Agent 47 (‘15, Act) Hannah Ware, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (‘14, Act) Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Andrew The Amazing Zachary Quinto, Rupert Friend. Garfield. Spider-Man goes up against new villains and OsCorp. Spider-Man 2 (‘14, Act) Perfect on Paper (‘14, Dra) Lindsay Hartley. (HD) Love at First Glance (‘17, Rom) Amy Smart. (HD) Appetite for Love (‘16, Rom) Taylor Cole. (HD) Tully (‘18, Com) Mackenzie Vice News Collateral (‘04, Thril) Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett True Detective "Hunters A Perfect Getaway Davis, Charlize Theron. (HD) Tonight (N) Smith, Tom Cruise. (HD) in the Dark" (HD) (‘09, Thril) (HD) Love It or List It Love It or List It H.Hunt (N) HouseHunt. Home Town (N) H.Hunt (N) House (N) HouseHunt. House American Pickers American Pickers Pickers "Picker's Dozen" American Pickers (N) Pawn Stars (N) Pawn Stars Fool's Gold (‘08, Adv) Kate Hudson, Donald Me Before You (‘16, Dra) Sam Claflin, Jenna Coleman, Steel Magnolias (‘12, Dra) Alfre Sutherland, Matthew McConaughey. (HD) Emilia Clarke. (HD) Woodard, Queen Latifah. (HD) Paycheck (‘03, Sci-Fi) Uma Thurman, Aaron Strike Back Kiss of Death (‘95, Susp) Nicolas Cage, Legend (‘15, Thril) Emily Eckhart, Ben Affleck. (HD) Helen Hunt, David Caruso. (HD) Browning, Tom Hardy. (HD) The Beat (N) Hardball (N) All in With C. Hayes (N) Rachel Maddow (N) The Last Word (N) The 11th Hour (N) Teen Mom 2 Teen Mom 2 Teen Mom 2 Teen Mom 2 (N) Beach Club (N) Teen Mom 2 NHL Live! (L) NHL Hockey Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers (L) NHL Overtime (L) ISU Speed Skating SpeedSkate Loud House Loud House H.Danger CousinLife SpongeBob SpongeBob Alvin and the Chipmunks (‘07, Ani) (HD) Friends Friends Mom Mom Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops (N) Cops Cops Cops Crank (‘06, Act) Amy Smart, TheCircus- Shameless "Los Diablos" SMILF BlackMon Shameless "Los Diablos" BlackMon SMILF Jason Statham, Dwight Yoakam. :Insidethe "339" "339" Need for Speed (‘14, Act) (HD) Limitless (‘11, Myst) Bradley Cooper. (HD) Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy American American Conan (N) Drop the Dad! (N) Dad! Mic (N) San Francisco (‘36, Rom) Jeanette MacDonald, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable. (HD) Twinsane Wedding (N) Little People, Big World Night "Dark Flower" Batman v Super... BobBurg. BobBurg. Family Guy Family Guy Lost Gold (N) Destination Truth Modern Modern France 24 News France 24 News France 24 News MHz (35) MIND Praise WGTW (48) IND WPSG (57) CW WPPX (61) ION < A&E AHC (5:00) <+++ <+++ (:25) AMC ANPL BET BRAVO CNBC CNN < (:20) (:05) (:05) (:35) (:15) (:50) (:25) (:35) COMC — Torn in Mississippi CSN CSPAN DISC DISN E! ESPN ESPN2 EWTN FAM FNC FOOD The kind thing to do would be to contact your former lover privately. Explain that you do not mean to intrude, but he needs to know something important. Then inform him that it could save him and his wife a world of heartache if they have genetic testing done before planning to have a child, and why. You would be doing them both an enormous favor if you disclose it. (12:00) DEAR TORN >> (:15) (:40) (:05) <++ <++ <+++ < <++ <++ FX < < <++ < HALL < <++ (5:50) HBO HGTV HIST (:05) (:05) <++ <+++ < (:35) Decades ago, while I was a college student, a friend took the time and interest to help me through a severe bout of depression. She likely saved my life. She had no special training, just a kind heart and a willing ear. At the time, I didn’t realize the profound impact she had made. Our lives diverged, and I never heard from her again. Recently, I finally decided to reach out and thank her, but unfortunately, an online search revealed her 10-yearold obituary. From the notes in the guest book, I discovered she had suffered many personal hardships throughout her adult life, which contributed to her early death. Because I was not able to help her as she helped me, I want to pass along two important lessons I learned: (1) Thank people and tell them you care before it is too late, and (2) be willing to lend a hand and an ear to someone in need, because you may be that one person who affects their life. She had a saying I would like to share, which has guided my life: “Just open your ‘I’ and LIVE becomes LOVE.” LIFE DEAR ABBY >> <++ <++ < (:50) (:35) MAX MSNBC MTV NBCSN NICK PARMT (:45) <++ (:35) <+++ SHOW <++ <++ SYFY (5:05) TBS <++++ <+++ <+++ The Bad and the Beautiful (‘52, Class) Kirk Naughty Marietta (‘35, Mus) Nelson Eddy, Douglas, Walter Pidgeon, Lana Turner. (HD) Frank Morgan, Jeanette MacDonald. (HD) Yes Dress Yes Dress Say Yes to the Dress Counting On (N) Counting On (N) Movie Suicide Squad (‘16, Act) Margot Robbie, Will Smith. Night "Dark Flower" (N) TeenT. (N) Teen Titan BareBear Total Adventure Time Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Destination Truth Destination Truth America Unearthed (N) To Be Announced NCIS "Enemies Foreign" NCIS WWE Monday Night Raw (HD) TCM TLC TNT TOON TRAV USA <++++ < (:05) :10 Movie showtimes REGAL BRANDYWINE TOWN CENTER 16 The Second Part (PG): Mon.-Tue. 11:30-1:30-2-4:054:35-6:50-7:20 2-7:30 The LEGO Movie 2: Miss Bala (PG-13): Vice (R): Green Book (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 1:505:10-7:50-10:25 Mon. 2-7:30; Tue. 4:45 Mon.-Tue. 1:454:30-7:15 844-462-7342 3300 Brandywine Pkwy., Wilmington The Second Part (PG): Mon. 12-1-2:30-5-6-7:30-10; Tue. 11-12:30-1:30-4:05-5-5:30-7:30-10:15 The Second Part 3D (PG): Mon. 3:30-8:30; Tue. 3-8 Mon. 11:20-2:104:55-7:40-10:10-10:30; Tue. 1-4-79:50 They Shall Not Grow Old (Not Rated): The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part 3D (PG): Mon.-Tue. 9:30-10 Mon.-Tue. 1:35-4:107-9:35 Mon.-Tue. 12:40-3:50-6:50-9:50 Battle Angel -- An IMAX 3D Experience (PG-13): Tue. 7 Bridges From Madison Square Garden (Not Rated): Tue. 7 Tue. The LEGO Movie 2: AMC DINE-IN THEATRES PAINTERS CROSSING 9 Alita: The Prodigy (R): 112 Wilmington Pike, West Chester The Second Part (PG): Mon.-Tue. 12:45 The Second Part (PG): Mon.-Tue. 3:20-6:15-7:10 The Second Part 3D (PG): Mon.-Tue. 9 Into the Spider-Verse (PG): Mon.-Tue. 3:45-6:35 Mon.-Tue. 10 Mon.Tue. The LEGO Movie 2: Josh Groban: The LEGO Movie 2: What Men Want (R): Mon.-Tue. 1:304:20-7:10-10 Cold Pursuit (R): A Nightmare on Elm Street (R): The LEGO Movie 2: Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga (Not Rated): 7:30 Mon.-Tue. 12:35-3:50-6:459:35 Glass (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 12:10-3:106:45-9:55 The LEGO Movie 2: What Men Want (R): Mon. 11-12-1:402:35-4:20-5:10-7-7:50-10:30; Tue. 121-2:35-4-5:10-7-7:50-9:30-10-10:30 Mon. 11:15-1:50-4:257-9:30; Tue. 11:15-1:50-4:25-7-9:30 Mon. 11-1:30-46:30-9; Tue. 11-1:30-4-6:30-9 Miss Bala (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 2:154:50-7:30-10:05 The Upside (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 12:203:20-7:10-10:10 Spider-Man: Mon.-Tue. 12:30 Mon.-Tue. 12:053:20-6:30-9:55 The Prodigy (R): They Shall Not Grow Old (Not Rated): Vice (R): Aquaman (PG-13): Aquaman (PG-13): Mary Poppins Returns (PG): — With love in Minnesota Mon. 1:05-4:05-7:05-10; Tue. 1:054:05-10 Miss Bala (PG-13): 1:10 I’m sorry for the loss of your caring and compassionate friend. I’m glad you took the time to write and share what a meaningful role she had in your life. That she made herself available to listen when you needed it is something more people should do because we live in a stressful society in which many individuals feel lost and alone. And I love her “motto”! DEAR WITH LOVE >> A Nightmare on Elm Street (R): Tue. Green Book (PG-13): Mon. 12-3-6:209:25; Glass (PG-13): The Kid Who Would Be King (PG): Mon.-Tue. 2:30-6-9:15 7:30 They Shall Not Grow Old (Not Rated): Tue. 12-3-9:25 Mon. 11:20-2:20-5:10-8:20; Tue. 11-2 The Kid Who Would Be King (PG): Bohemian Rhapsody (PG-13): Mon.Tue. Mon.-Tue. 1:45-4:15 Mon.-Tue. 3:10-6:10-8:55 Mon.-Tue. 1:10-4:107:05-10:05 The Kid Who Would Be King (PG): 3:40-6:40 The Upside (PG-13): The Upside (PG-13): What Men Want (R): Mon.-Tue. 12:45 Mon.-Tue. 2-6:30 Mon.-Tue. 1-47-10 Mon. 11:50-2:40-5:40-8:30; Tue. 11:50-2:40-5:40 Mon. 11:10-2-4:457:40-10:30; Tue. 11:10-2-4:45-7:4010:30 Glass (PG-13): A Star Is Born (R): Free Solo (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 9:45 Mon. 1:20-4-6:309:20; Tue. 1:20-4-9:50 Glass (PG-13): The Upside (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 12:453:35-6:40-9:30 REGAL EDGMONT SQUARE 10 What Men Want (R): Miss Bala (R): Mon.-Tue. 9:30 Mon.-Tue. 1:50-4:307:15-10 Aquaman (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 11:50-36:25-9:30 844-462-7342 4777 W. Chester Pike, Newtown Square Mon.-Tue. 11:15-24:45-7:30-10:15 Josh Groban: Bridges From Madison Square Garden (Not Rated): Tue. 7 Tue. Mary Poppins Returns (PG): Mon.Tue. Cold Pursuit (R): A Nightmare on Elm Street (R): The Prodigy (R): Mon.-Tue. 1-4:507:25-10 11:40 7:30 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (PG): Mon.-Tue. 1-3:40-6:20-9 Mon.-Tue. 12:403:50-6:50-9:50 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (PG): Mon.-Tue. 11:15-1-2-4:30-6-79:30 The Upside (PG-13): Cold Pursuit (R): Mon. 11:05-1:504:45-7:30-10:20; Tue. 11:05-1:504:45-7:30-10:20 Mon.-Tue. 3:35-58-9:45 Green Book (PG-13): Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby at www.DearAbby.com or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. AMC CLASSIC GRANITE RUN MALL 8 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part 3D (PG): Mon.-Tue. 3:30-8:30 Mon.-Tue. 11-1:304:15-7:15-10 Escape Room (PG-13): Mon. 11:151:40-4:10-6:30-9:10; Tue. 11:15-1:404:10 Bohemian Rhapsody (PG-13): Mon.Tue. 12:45-3:40-6:35-9:35 1067 W. Baltimore Pike, Media The Second Part (PG): Mon.-Tue. 12-3:30-6:15 Into the Spider-Verse (PG): Mon.-Tue. 12:30-3:45-6:45 Mon.-Tue. 2:45 Mon. 12:15-6; Tue. The Prodigy (R): The LEGO Movie 2: UA KING OF PRUSSIA STADIUM 16 IMAX & RPX Aquaman (PG-13): Mon. 11:30-2:405:50-9; Tue. 11:30-2:40-6:40-9:50 Mon. 11:30-2:50-6-9:10; Tue. 11:30-2:505:55-10 What Men Want (R): Mon.-Tue. 11:302:15-5-7:40-10:15 Spider-Man: 844-462-7342 300 Goddard Blvd., King of Prussia The Second Part -- The IMAX 2D Experience (PG): Mon. 12-2:40-5:20-8-10:40; Tue. 12-2:4010:40 Mary Poppins Returns (PG): Miss Bala (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 11-1:304-6:30-9 Bumblebee (PG-13): Aquaman (PG-13): The LEGO Movie 2: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (PG): Mon. 11-1:40-4:20-7-9:35; Tue. 11-1:40-4:20-7-9:35 They Shall Not Grow Old (Not Rated): 12-6 Good advice for everyone — teens to seniors — is in “The Anger in All of Us and How to Deal With It.” To order, send your name and mailing address, plus check or money order for $8 (U.S. funds) to: Dear Abby, Anger Booklet, P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, IL 61054-0447. (Shipping and handling are included in the price.) Mon.-Tue. 11:45-3-6:15-9:15 Mon.-Tue. 11-1:454:35-7:25-10:15 Glass (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 12:15-3:156:15 Glass (PG-13): Cold Pursuit (R): Mon.-Tue. 1-4:107:20-10:20 Green Book (PG-13): Mon. 11:30-2:306-9:10; The Kid Who Would Be King (PG): Tue. 12-3 The Upside (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 12:303:45-6:50-9:50 What Men Want (R): Mon.-Tue. 12:30-4-6:30 Mon.-Tue. 12:153:30-6:30 Mon.-Tue. 1:304:40-7:40-10:30 REGAL DOWNINGTOWN STADIUM 16 & IMAX What Men Want (R): Green Book (PG-13): Mon.-Tue. 123:15-6:40-9:40 The LEGO Movie 2: Mon.-Tue. 12:45-3:30 Mon.-Tue. 6:30 Mon.-Tue. 123:15-7 The Second Part (PG): Mon.-Tue. 1-3:30-4-7:10-9-10:10 The Second Part 3D (PG): Mon.-Tue. 12:45-6 Mon.-Tue. 1:35-4:107-9:45 844-462-7342 100 Quarry Rd, Downingtown The Second Part -- The IMAX 2D Experience (PG): Mon.Tue. 12:30-3:05-5:50-8:30 Mon.-Tue. 11:251:35-4:25-7:15-10:05 Vice (R): The Wife (R): Green Book (PG-13): COLONIAL THEATRE The LEGO Movie 2: The LEGO Movie 2: 610-917 227 Bridge St., Phoenixville Mon.-Tue. 2:15-5-7:45 Mon. 4:45; Tue. The Prodigy (R): Cold War (R): Stan & Ollie (PG): Cold Pursuit (R): What Men Want (R): Mon.-Tue. 12:504:05-7:05-10

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