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The Original Crossword Puzzle for Kids and Their Favorite Adults



.LGV $FURVV 1. A clown is the goofy guy at the circus with the big, round _____ who won't be happy until he makes you laugh 3. He's the big red storybook dog, of course (He was big enough for Emily to ride like a horse!) 6. Letters might text if your friend's message made you chuckle until you were red in the face (abbr.) 8. It's the red liquid inside of us that comes from the heart (You might see a drop of it seeping out of the side of a vampire's mouth) 10. What you get from your mom that might leave a red print on the side of your face 13. Good guess: If your friend has red stuff around her mouth while gobbling down a slice of ___, it's probably cherry or strawberry 14. This colorful bird is not just red in

the face -- he's red all 9D 17. More precious than diamonds, rubies are among the many precious ____ that can give a tiara a special sparkle 19. He's the busy buzzer who

pollinates a rose 20. It's a "flower-y" word you might use to describe someone's bright red cheeks 22. A long, overnight trip on an _______ is called a red-eye (Don't forget to bring an eye mask so you can get some sleep!) 23. Little dots on the face of a little red-headed doll named Raggedy Ann


1. Caroler's concern: What Jack Frost is known to do at a person's 1A (and a small dog might at his heels) 2. To lovingly leave a lipstick print on an envelope is to ____ it with a kiss 3. Type of weather that can redden

the cheeks 4. What a person is if she has a 3D 5. His bright red comb and wattle

are known to attract the ladies 7. This, too, shall pass: Tiny bump that finds a place on many a teen's face* 9. Leap frog: Also known as a "monkey frog" for its leaping ability, the red-eyed tree frog could easily jump ____ five foot tall person 11. Great news from the crimson and cream: This esteemed institutio­n now offers completely free tuition to admitted students from families that earn less than $75,000 a year 12. Marilyn Monroe boldly chose

this crimson cosmetic 15. What a person clearly is if he

goes on a red-faced rant 16. Masks, anyone?: This symptom can send chills down your spine and leave you red in the face 18. A daughter who is adored by

her dad is the _____ of his eye 19. The black oystercatc­her is a chicken-sized shorebird with a long, red ____ 21. Shine on: To resist burning and stay safe, smart beachgoers focus on this rating, which reflects the power of sunscreen (abbr.)


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