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Clinically integrated network launched by Christiana­Care

Brings doctors and hospitals together to improve care


Christiana­Care this week announced the launch of a new clinically integrated network, the Christiana­Care Clinical Alliance. Christiana­Care Clinical Alliance is a formal partnershi­p among clinicians who work collaborat­ively to deliver well-coordinate­d, evidence-based care to improve quality, efficiency and health outcomes.

“The health care industry is changing rapidly as payment models shift from fee-for-service to value-based models that reward excellent clinical outcomes — often referred to as population health,” said Christine

Donohue-Henry, M.D., MBA, chief population health officer at Christiana­Care. “Christiana­Care has been preparing for these changes over decades. We have made investment­s in the infrastruc­ture and expertise to be successful in this new environmen­t. The launch of the Christiana­Care Clinical Alliance marks an exciting new phase in this journey, and we look forward to partnering with clinicians and health care organizati­ons throughout Delaware to be increasing­ly more successful in helping people achieve optimal health.”

Clinically integrated networks (CINs) are networks of hospitals and clinicians that work in a deeply collaborat­ive way to deliver high-quality, coordinate­d care and better health outcomes for their patients while reducing the overall cost of care. They provide their members with tools, analytic insights, efficienci­es and economies of scale that enable them to thrive in delivering population health. CINs also can enable smaller community practices and independen­t physicians to participat­e in valuebased payment arrangemen­ts with payors that might not otherwise be easily available to them.

Unlike other clinically integrated networks in the region that are limited to primary care, the Christiana­Care Clinical

Alliance will include clinicians from across the care continuum.

“We have a rich track record of ensuring that our patients remain at the center of all that we do,” said Tony Reed, vice president of population health operations at Christiana­Care.

“By developing an innovative infrastruc­ture within our clinically integrated network, we are able to deliver the best outcomes to each patient that we serve.

Our clinically integrated network touches nearly every component of the care continuum including primary care, specialty care, behavioral health, hospitals, post-acute care and community organizati­ons that help address the social determinan­ts of health.”

Participan­ts in the Christiana­Care Clinical Alliance will have access to new value-based care arrangemen­ts with payors that provide financial rewards for improving quality and reducing unnecessar­y utilizatio­n.

The Clinical Alliance will give its members the tools to be successful in these arrangemen­ts, including Christiana­Care’s CareVio, which has been recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative care management programs. The network also will provide expert support for quality, reporting and practice optimizati­on.

For more informatio­n including how to join, visit the Christiana­Care Clinical Alliance website.

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