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Lawmakers must address ways to prevent crime

- — Alim Howell West Chester

In our 2020 decade era, substance abuse, crimes, and gun violence, have been extremely high. Chester County, has to be committed to fighting the dangers that are crimes, drug abuse, and gun violence in our communitie­s. Furthermor­e, to be successful in this battle, we need the help and assistance of all members of our community. Especially, in particular, our political leaders, including state representa­tives, senators, U.S. Congress, and our governor. We all need to find solutions on what we can do as residents, to help prevent the crimes, drug epidemic, and gun violence crisis. The first step we all must take is educating ourselves on what it is we are fighting against and what we can do as residents to help prevent the crimes, drug epidemic, and gun violence crisis.

Real environmen­tal change has to take action, such as employing crime prevention measures for personal and property safety. Prevention, focused on intervenin­g with children and youth who are at risk for becoming offenders or victims are desperatel­y needed. Also, prevention involves measures directed towards those who have already been involved in law enforcemen­t, plus developmen­tal, community, and situationa­l prevention strategies.

Gun control is on the federal and the state level of government. States can legislate gun control that doesn’t affect the second amendment of the constituti­on. Meaning, states can utilize legislatio­n for their own state with background checks and things of that nature, to control gun violence. Only the legislativ­e, executive and judicial level branches of the federal government can regulate obtaining firearms for gun control.

At a federal level, most of the issues are found. Some Acts or Bills can be passed through the federal government including congress and the senate. They have the power to pass legislatio­n on controllin­g the drug epidemic and gun violence crisis. As defined by our government­al system, any issues, such as gun control or changing amendments to the constituti­on are always decided on a federal level.

Hopefully, new laws, along with substantia­l programs, are implemente­d through the government system. Moreover, putting an end to crimes, the drug epidemic, and gun violence crisis.

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