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In re­gards to your story on the War­wick-Jef­fer­son con­nec­tor be­ing con­structed at Atkin­son Way, I can­not un­der­stand why this does not in­clude ac­cess to I-64. I un­der­stand that the city wants to cre­ate more con­nec­tions be­tween Jef­fer­son and War­wick as New­port News is a long city with only two main thor­ough­fares and the CSX tracks be­tween them. The prob­lem is, at present there is no in­ter­state ac­cess be­tween Fort Eustis Boule­vard and Jef­fer­son Av­enue. This is a real prob­lem for all of us liv­ing be­tween the two. While the new con­nec­tor may stim­u­late some busi­ness growth in the north­ern part of the city, why wouldn’t any­one con­sider the pos­i­tive im­pact on traf­fic along the Jef­fer­son cor­ri­dor that would come with in­clud­ing in­ter­state ac­cess with this new con­struc­tion? I will have no need for this new con­nec­tor at all but it would have re­ally helped if I could have picked up the in­ter­state at this point. Some­body did all this plan­ning, ac­quired all the money and then left out the one thing that so many of us res­i­dents in the north­ern part of New­port News have been ask­ing for all these years. That is in­ter­state ac­cess be­tween Jef­fer­son Av­enue and Fort Eustis Boule­vard. Come on, peo­ple!

Ed­i­tor: I’m not cer­tain how I can help with this be­yond shar­ing your thoughts on the mat­ter. But it’s cer­tainly worth sug­ges­tion you read my an­swer to the ques­tion above, which may give you an idea or two about how to share your thoughts in other, more civic-fo­cused ways.

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