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Dear An­swer An­gel Ellen:

I am in the sun al­most ev­ery day. Do you know of any hair care prod­ucts that will keep my hair color from fad­ing?

— Judy T.

I’ve had the same prob­lem and fig­ured that my only so­lu­tion was a hat, which all women know leaves your hair, hm­mmm, not at its best.

On the rec­om­men­da­tion of my colorist, I have started to use pur­ple sham­poo. Yeah, it is ac­tu­ally pur­ple-col­ored. It’s Joico’s Color Balance Pur­ple, which claims on the la­bel: “Elim­i­nates brassy/yel­low tones on blonde/gray hair” (ama­zon.com, $16.14). I haven’t no­ticed any dif­fer­ence since I started this reg­i­men.

I put your ques­tion to an­other stylist friend,

Mark Rud­nick, who told me about a prod­uct cre­ated to help keep your hair color fresh: con­di­tioner with sun­screen. While I was doz­ing on a sunny beach (I wish), a whole slew of hair-color pro­tec­tion was be­ing de­vel­oped to solve our hair-fry­ing woes. Take a stroll through the drug­store or a cos­met­ics su­per store (Sephora, Ulta), and you’ll see a wide ar­ray of con­di­tioner sprays and lo­tions with sun­screen from $7 to in­fin­ity. Just ap­ply it and go.

And those of you who are lucky enough to be loung­ing on a beach some­where, please let me know how (or if ) they work.

Dear Judy:

And for a reader with the op­po­site hair/weather prob­lem …

Dear An­swer An­gel

Help! I have been look­ing for some “ear pro­tec­tors” that are like ear­muffs only the band goes be­hind your head, not on top, ru­in­ing your hair! They used to sell them all the time. Please help!

— Mary H.


Maybe you started your search too early in the cold-weather season. I’ve seen what you’re look­ing for at Nord­strom Rack.

Ama­zon has them in a four-pack for $15.99, which sounds about right for my per­sonal loss ra­tio ev­ery win­ter — along with gloves, scarves, hats and, that old fa­vorite, left-on­the-bus um­brel­las.

There also are band­less ear­muffs that are even eas­ier to lose than the ones with bands.

Dear Mary: Dear An­swer An­gel Ellen:

I’m a huge sports fan, and just about ev­ery pro­fes­sional ath­lete seems to be wear­ing a beard th­ese days. I want to try to grow one, but I’m clue­less on how to care for it and the skin un­der­neath.

— Pete L.

For­tu­nately, I’m not a bearded lady, but I’ve got many male friends and rel­a­tives whose ad­vice I trust on mat­ters of fa­cial hair. Here goes:

Don’t use head hair sham­poo, which can be too harsh. Use a cleanser mar­keted for fa­cial hair. There are many. Cremo (cre­mo­com­pany.com) makes an all-in-one “beard & face wash,” which could be an an­swer if you don’t want to in­vest in a bunch of prod­ucts.

Dear Pete:

Mois­tur­ize: Beards can get gnarly, scrag­gly, split ends and break­age. You need to hy­drate your fa­cial hair with a beard oil. There are many, scented and not.

Keep it neat: A pro­fes­sional who es­tab­lishes the where-to-shave lines on your cheeks and neck will be money well spent, so you can fol­low the out­line.

Food in your beard: Ewwwww. It is in­evitable. Fre­quent use of a nap­kin while eat­ing will help.

Head to the re­stroom to check for par­ti­cles as soon as the meal is over. Moist cleans­ing tow­elettes also help.

Dear An­swer An­gel Ellen:

I rarely wear dresses, but I found a gor­geous light-mint-green dress suit with a knee­length skirt. It will be per- fect for spring and sum­mer. I have two ques­tions: What color shoes should I wear with it? And what can I do about my legs? I have pretty bad vari­cose veins. I hate hose (and they seem to be out of fash­ion any­way), but I tried self-tan­ner, and it only helps a lit­tle. Any ideas? Thanks!

— Kathy F.

Let’s start with the easy ques­tion first: Shoe color. Any­thing goes with that mint-green out­fit. Se­ri­ously. The trend in footwear is color, so blue, lemon yel­low, dusty rose, you name it. I’m still a neu­trals fan, so I’d prob­a­bly choose bone or ivory — maybe patent or fab­ric — or even white (which is en­joy­ing a come­back year­round). You can’t go wrong with black patent.

Dear Kathy:

Mov­ing on to your legs. There are spray-on prod­ucts that are like makeup for the legs, but they’re messy and rub off on your clothes, so for­get those. You’ve ruled out self-tan­ners, but per­haps you need to change brands or ap­ply it over time to get a shade that helps con­ceal those veins. The best (still not great) so­lu­tion if you hate hose is a pro­fes­sional spray tan, but book an ap­point­ment a few days be­fore you want to wear that green en­sem­ble.

Now, let’s talk about hosiery. It’s back. Bare legs are still fine, but hosiery is too.

I’d re­ally like you to give it a chance. Choose a neu­tral or per­haps a gray to com­pli­ment your green. If all else fails, a wowzer neck­lace and/or ear­rings will keep the fo­cus away from your legs.

An­gelic read­ers

“One thing I’ve learned over the years: Get a good full-length mir­ror. When you’re dressed and ready to go, look in the mir­ror. If you like how you look, you prob­a­bly look re­ally good. If you look in the mir­ror and ques­tion that you look good, you prob­a­bly don’t look good.

“The only thing that mat­ters is that you like the way you dress and wear your hair.”

— Joy I.

Reader rant

From He­len B.: “What is to be done about those huge back­packs? When they turn around they nearly push us over.”

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Fad­ing hair color is a haz­ard when you’re of­ten out­doors. Con­di­tioner with sun­screen could help al­le­vi­ate the prob­lem.

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