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Had it with lack of hiring at work

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If your managers are not serious about hiring extra hands, it’d be prudent to start looking for other job opportunit­ies.

I’ve dated a man for five years. He used to work, prior to the pandemic, but he hasn’t really actively applied to jobs. My biggest issue is the fact that I’m paying all the expenses for the household we share together, and he doesn’t need to do anything to assist me.

At the same time, he’s starting to treat me like a servant in my own house. He controls the TV. Foods that I like, he throws away, since he doesn’t eat them. He has outbursts and tantrums when I tell him to get a job.

I’m fed up with supporting a grown man. What should I do? — Frustrated

He can complain all he wants, but numbers don’t lie.

Sit down with your boyfriend and a financial planner so you can review all your finances together. He will be forced to confront the fact that he is not contributi­ng to the household.

Then, make a plan. A good couples counselor can help you two communicat­e. If that doesn’t work, be prepared to kick him out.

Dear Frustrated:

Dear Annie: I have a job where I work for a doctor. He has two offices. He has four people working at one office, and I work alone at the other. On clinic days, which is when the doctor sees patients, I am supposed to have help.

The other staff that come from the other office either take the day off or, when they are there, they don’t help me. They just sit in the break room and talk, and I run the show by myself.

I have gone to the manager, and even the manager above her, and they are hiring someone but are not sure when she is starting.

I went to the doctor recently and told him that I was tired of working by myself and that his staff should come help with the clinic. He called me inappropri­ate for saying that and said I need to just continue to do my job. I asked him, “So it’s OK for me to be alone then?” He said nothing. I am not sure what to do. — Losing Patience

You’re in a frustratin­g predicamen­t. While the doctor’s reply was less than helpful, I can’t blame him: You’re more likely to have luck speaking with the manager again or another supervisor who assists with staffing and personnel decisions.

Arrange a meeting with one of your higher-ups to calmly and rationally explain your side. Ultimately, without proper staffing, the patients are the ones who suffer the most.

If your managers are not serious about hiring extra hands, it’d be prudent to start looking for other job opportunit­ies, where you feel not only set up for success but like your needs are heard and valued.

Dear Losing:

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