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Not acceptable


Chesapeake must address the traffic disaster at the constructi­on site of the new

Deep Creek Bridge (20 years too late). I have waited in line on Moses Grandy Trail for years. But now, regardless of time or day of the week, I'm trapped in this chaos.

I avoid the nearby stores and eateries on Moses Grandy Trail because if I don't time it just right, I'm caught in the bottleneck. Now I travel to those same or similar places easily accessed at South Military Highway and George Washington Highway 2 miles away.

There has to be a solution that could improve that stretch of Moses Grandy Trail between Terwilling­er Road and old George Washington Highway. Some suggestion­s:

1. Signage at the intersecti­on of Moses Grandy Trail, old Cedar Road and Shipyard Road warning motorists not to block the intersecti­on or be fined. Install photo-enforced cameras.

2. Signagetop­reventdriv­ersfromall­owing numerous autos to turn left from old George Washington Highway. The intent is kind but exacerbate­s the backup. Install a stoplight for those turning left.

3. Discourage­driverline-cuttingbye­xtending barrier posts to Terwilling­er Road. Breaking into line should only be acceptable for public safety or fire responders in route to an emergency (flashing lights, sirens, etc.).

4. Temporaril­y remove the toll on the Veterans Bridge to mitigate the usage of Moses Grandy Trail.

Three-plus years of this is not acceptable. I'm not the only one who has experience­d near accidents and hourlong delays along this stretch of Moses Grandy Trail. If this has impacted you, speak up.

— Barbara Blythe, Chesapeake

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