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Rap­per Kanye West stated that he is mov­ing back to Chicago. For­get about his po­lit­i­cal com­ments. Kanye West said he would be mov­ing one of his mon­ey­mak­ing com­pa­nies with him. Jobs out­ranks his com­ments. When and if he moves back to Chicago, I’ll say, “Wel­come home, Kanye. Now keep your prom­ise.”

I hate to sound like a spoiler but I can’t get ex­cited about self­driv­ing cars. It was stated that Illi­nois is mov­ing for­ward on self-driv­ing ve­hi­cles. Some­how know­ing that a car would be self-driven scares me. I know some­one would still be be­hind the wheel but maybe that per­son will be­come bored and spend time on the phone or per­haps fall asleep. But like the days of test­ing the air­plane, self-driv­ing cars, too, will be­come a re­al­ity.

BJ, Hazel Crest

When is some­thing go­ing to be done about truck traf­fic on the Tri-State Toll­way? It’s get­ting worse. These trucks com­mand the toll road. My sis­ter had one try to force her off the road south of 127th Street while go­ing south on In­ter­state 294. Any­where you go on the Tri-State the trucks are hor­ri­ble. . . I see them sit­ting on the side of the road. I see trucks in the third and fourth lanes. . . Truck driv­ers cause most of the ac­ci­dents. What’s the mat­ter ...?


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