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I’ve heard sev­eral re­ports on the tele­vi­sion say­ing that Ro­maine let­tuce is a prob­lem now – not to buy it in the su­per­mar­ket, not to eat it out in restau­rants, and so on and so forth. I haven’t nar­rowed down to what ex­actly what state this is Ro­maine prob­lem is in, and go­ing to my lo­cal su­per­mar­ket there’s plenty of Ro­maine let­tuce in there to be bought. I’m just won­der­ing about what part of the coun­try this Ro­maine scare is at.


El­derly peo­ple that have been pre­scribe pain medicine for se­ri­ous prob­lems are no longer able to get their medicine and they have to do pain man­age­ment. Even if they’re par­a­lyzed, the peo­ple tak­ing care of them have to get them back and forth from pain man­age­ment. I don’t see any­thing about the el­derly and what they have to deal with on this is­sue in the news­pa­pers.


I’m see­ing a lot of ex­pired in­spec­tion stick­ers on cars here in Lower Chich­ester. I’ve seen ones with stick­ers ex­pired in Jan­uary 2017. Can we get our taxes low­ered if the township starts tick­et­ing these cars?


I live in As­ton, not far from Dut­ton Mill Shop­ping Cen­ter where there is a huge hole that has been there for sev­eral months or more now. No one seems to be no one seems to be work­ing on it or any­thing. I have heard from some­one that is that huge sink hole. Does any­one know what ex­actly it is and when it will go away? JUST WON­DER­ING


I read the ar­ti­cle in the Times last week about the com­mis­sion wants to fix col­lege bas­ket­ball. I did not read one thing in there about the class­room end of it. I think only a small per­cent­age of these bas­ket­ball and foot­ball play­ers can be called “stu­dent ath­letes.” AS­TON


Hey “Mr. Tom In Lin­wood:” The only thing that comes out of your mouth is mud, noth­ing but a big mud pile. That’s all comes out your mouth. And stop nam­ing names. You’re the name giver, es­pe­cially putting down the great Demo­cratic Party. Like I said, you must be filthy rich; that’s why you’re a Repub­li­can.


I must had a good idea. I called sev­eral weeks ago in re­gards to putting guards into our schools, due to the fact of what’s go­ing on in our coun­try to­day. Sound Off felt they didn’t want to pub­lish what I said. Last week on the news, I hear that Cherry Hill is putting re­tired law en­force­ment of­fi­cers in their schools to pa­trol the halls. Hey, must have been a good idea. Some­body in Jersey heard me. How about Delaware County?


Well Gar­net Val­ley has done it again. They’re rais­ing taxes on the poor­est of the peo­ple in the Gar­net Val­ley School District. And I’m so sick and tired of hear­ing about how, “Oh, well peo­ple paid for your kids to be in school.” Hey, back in 1965 school tax mill­age rates were a frac­tion of what they are to­day. There’s a big dif­fer­ence. And the Gar­net Val­ley School Board, which is sup­posed to rep­re­sent the tax­pay­ers, are not rep­re­sent­ing the tax­pay­ers. They’re rep­re­sent­ing the school chil­dren, and that’s not their job. CON­CERNED TAX­PAYER


Hey Spring­field pub­lic work­ers, you know as well as I do the hole at the bot­tom of Ste­wart and West­dale is not a pot hole. It’s de­struc­tion from un­der­neath the ground, ei­ther from the creek that runs un­der­neath it or a wa­ter prob­lem that’s crack­ing that whole street. This is the third time this year you’ve been out fix­ing it. That ground is de­te­ri­o­rat­ing and isn’t be­ing fixed right. So ei­ther use the right ma­te­rial, or bring in union con­trac­tors to re­pair that whole road.


An ar­ti­cle in the Times noted that Gov. Wolf is push­ing to end the gun show ex­cep­tions in back­ground checks. This is go­ing to go over like a lead bal­loon in our state – es­pe­cially in our state – be­cause gun nuts are so in love with their guns that they don’t want any changes at all. They want to be able to get as many and as deadly weapons as they can in our state.

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