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A great deal of cov­er­age was given to the four women who came out and ac­cused Judge Ca­vanaugh of in­ap­pro­pri­ate sex­ual be­hav­ior. Since then two of the four have re­canted and ad­mit­ted that they made up the ac­cu­sa­tions. Dr. Ford has col­lected about $850,000 on her fund rais­ing page. This hasn’t got­ten nearly as much cov­er­age and pub­lic­ity from the me­dia. I won­der why.


“Dirty Pol­i­tics” is an­other right-winger who is so blind it’s ridicu­lous. It’s the Repub­li­cans who have done noth­ing for the mid­dle class or the poor for the last 40 years. All you have to do is check out their pol­icy record over the last 40 years. But that would mean we can get facts and right-wingers don’t like facts be­cause facts prove that they’re wrong about ev­ery­thing. And you’re wrong about ev­ery­thing too be­cause you’re a right-winger. But you won’t be­lieve that you’re wrong be­cause you don’t care about facts.


Barack Obama will never have to worry about any­body lov­ing him be­cause he loves him­self enough for every­body. One of the most re­cent state­ments the sav­ior made was that the econ­omy as you know to­day has come about be­cause Trump has done noth­ing more than ex­pand all the poli­cies that he in­sti­tuted. Yeah, right. He went around the world em­bar­rass­ing this coun­try and al­most de­stroyed this coun­try be­cause of all those dif­fi­cult trade deals he got us into. This guy is a clown who has to be the worst ex­cuse for any pres­i­dent any coun­try in the his­tory of the world.


Could some­one please cor­rect me if I am wrong, but I thought on Elec­tion Day the can­di­dates were not sup­posed to have ads on tele­vi­sion. I thought a law was passed re­gard­ing that pe­riod. So far I’ve seen five in a row. Could some­one please shed some light on this? You’re wrong. There is no such law — Ed.


Don­ald Trump’s press con­fer­ence pointed out his to­tal men­tal in­sta­bil­ity. He in­sulted re­porters by name, in­ter­rupted their ques­tions, or­dered some to sit down, and even called one in­quiry racist. This is a sign of some­one who is se­verely men­tally ill. That mil­lions of com­plete id­i­otic mo­rons in this coun­try still sup­port some­one that is just men­tally un­sta­ble is a very scary thing.


Pol­i­tics be­ing as it is to­day, could Don­ald Trump be a stalk­ing horse be­hind the Democrats’ plan to de­stroy the Repub­li­can Party? And the Repub­li­cans fell for it?


I hope Kris­ten Seale got the mes­sage that de­spite the Dems win­ning big lo­cally on elec­tion day that peo­ple are still go­ing to vote against her loony so­cial­ist agenda no mat­ter how much her party tried to hide her id­i­otic agenda from the vot­ers.


It’s not quite Turkey Day yet but I would love to give thanks to a spe­cial some­one. One re­cent Satur­day my hus­band and I were treated to break­fast by an­other pa­tron. It warmed my heart that folks like this still ex­ist. We will be pay­ing it for­ward. Thanks to the per­son(s) at Penny’s that week­end. Have a won­der­ful day.


Let’s change the sub­ject from pol­i­tics. I’m watch­ing Cal­i­for­nia and once again they’ve got wild­fires. It looks like it’s near Mal­ibu and some other places. One woman who’s from that area states yeah, this is al­most like a yearly thing, it just hap­pens worse some years than oth­ers. Why is it a yearly thing? I think about this. Well, let’s see. They’re con­stantly build­ing more houses and pav­ing over the nat­u­ral land­scape, cut­ting down more trees, and then on top of that when you build more houses you need to suck more wa­ter from the planet so that those peo­ple can sur­vive. You’re cov­er­ing up more of the ground and you’re suck­ing out more of the wa­ter. There’s not a lot of wa­ter left in the ground to keep the for­est from be­com­ing dried out and brit­tle to the ex­tent that just a lit­tle spark will start a for­est fire. ONE WHO KNOWS

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