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1. Af­ter his pre­vi­ous band of some in­flu­ence broke up in 1970, he and his wife ran on a band that be­gan in 1971and spanned a decade with a ro­tat­ing cast of eight other mem­bers.

2. One of the big­gest one­hit won­ders of the 1990’s was this group of three broth­ers from Ok­la­homa, who earned three Grammy nom­i­na­tions for their teeny­bop­per hit sin­gle that came out when the youngest was only 12.

3. This ex­cep­tional garage rock duo with a pep­per­mint twist was barely out of high school when in 1996 they got mar­ried, he took her name, and re­leased their first al­bum. How­ever, they al­ways led peo­ple to be­lieve they weren’t spouses but sib­lings.

4. He was a ru­ral Cal­i­for­nian who used fic­tion to doc­u­ment the hard times the Dust Bowl wrought, and that won him the

1962 No­bel Prize in Lit­er­a­ture.

5. In 1993, be­tween his

27-year stint in prison and his elec­tion to the pres­i­dency, this man won the No­bel Peace Prize.

6. From 2007 to 2008, when the US econ­omy was in peril and myr­iad econ­o­mists of­fered myr­iad pre­dic­tions, a later study found that this 2008 win­ner of the No­bel Prize for Eco­nom­ics proved most ac­cu­rate.

7. The ar­che­typ­i­cal one per­center bet­ter known by this moniker, this char­ac­ter is from At­lantic City and his real name is Rich Un­cle Pen­ny­bags.

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