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Se­niors in Penn­syl­va­nia, we must stand to­gether and have a law passed where once you hit 70 or 75 at the old­est you no longer pay school taxes. I don’t think if you don’t have chil­dren in school, I don’t care your age, you should not be pay­ing school taxes. This is ridicu­lous. When I went to school taxes were paid for read­ing, writ­ing and arith­metic. We had sports teams. We had foot­ball and hockey for the boys and the for girls bas­ket­ball. I don’t think we need to be all things to all stu­dents. I say make peo­ple with chil­dren in school or who use the trans­porta­tion pay the taxes.


This is to “Learn Your His­tory.” My an­ces­tors came to this coun­try from Poland and took them 10 years to get here legally. They did it legally. TRUMP 2020


Can some­body tell me how I can get all the drugs that ev­ery­body’s get­ting? I had a back op­er­a­tion and they told me to take ibupro­fen or Tylenol. They wouldn’t give me any pain pills. So where is ev­ery­body get­ting all these drugs? Doc­tors aren’t sup­posed to be giv­ing them out. Some­thing is wrong with this coun­try. Can some­body tell me out there, please?


The most sooth­ing pho­to­graphs of the en­tire fu­neral for Pres­i­dent Ge­orge Her­bert Walker Bush was his ser­vice dog lay­ing in front of this cas­ket. A pic­ture says a thou­sand words. I’m a dog lover here in Devon.


Hey, this is for “Big Dog.” You know what they do with dogs that are sav­age and dan­ger­ous? At the very least they put a muz­zle on them and put them in a cage. All your bud­dies are go­ing down with Mueller. Put the muz­zle on them and put them in the cage.


I was just watch­ing the fi­nal farewell to Pres­i­dent Bush and I have to say that Hil­lary Clin­ton is the rud­est per­son on the face of the earth. She is an ugly per­son with an ugly per­son­al­ity. She is just rude and I thank God ev­ery­day she’s not of­fice to ruin the coun­try.


This is in re­sponse to to­day’s edi­to­rial by the Los An­ge­les Daily News about the border and drugs be­ing a prob­lem but most im­por­tantly the car­toon that ran with it. Mike Rogers is al­ways against Trump or any Repub­li­can. It’s de­spi­ca­ble to show Trump as “give me your tired, your poor your hud­dled masses, and moth­ers and chil­dren you’re yearn­ing to tear gas.” The truth is we can­not sus­tain car­a­van af­ter car­a­van of the il­le­gals in­vad­ing our border. We had El­lis Is­land and we had laws where you had to come in and be screened. We have to con­tinue the same thing.


Way to go, weather­man. I didn’t see any­thing about snow to­day. Must be Trump’s fault.


What a sad state of af­fairs where a for­mer pres­i­dent can­not die with­out petty peo­ple bring­ing up old ac­cu­sa­tions. Didn’t you ever learn you’re not sup­posed to speak bad of the dead? Show a lit­tle class.


You have to be kid­ding me. Amer­ica, what are we com­ing to? When are we go­ing to get rid of this so­cial me­dia garbage? Now they want to de­ter­mine if you can get a gun or not ac­cord­ing to your so­cial me­dia usage. They al­ready de­ter­mine whether you can get a job or not by look­ing at your so­cial me­dia usage. I have to ask, who gives a hoot about so­cial me­dia and why does it mat­ter? I told you peo­ple a year ago about this stupid Face­book, Twit­ter, Google, Snapchat and all this other garbage. All they do is gather your in­for­ma­tion. It gives them a way to hack you and then they sell each and ev­ery one of you that use it. It’s use­less, and it’s detri­men­tal to the fab­ric of so­ci­ety. Be­lieve it.


The cli­mate change calls in Sound Off are hi­lar­i­ous, es­pe­cially the mo­ron who uses a record­cold Thanks­giv­ing as his rea­son for deny­ing global warm­ing. You would think satel­lite pic­tures of shrink­ing po­lar ice and glaciers, plus ris­ing sea lev­els across the globe, would be enough to con­vince these id­iots that it’s a re­al­ity. ge.

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