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It’s that time of year for those who fall prey to springtime allergies. A Berks allergist offers ways to fight back.

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Spring has sprung and most people are looking forward to venturing back out into the great outdoors for exercise and recreation.

But for seasonal allergy sufferers, airborne pollens have the potential to knock the spring right out of your step.

The struggle is real for many people.

“It certainly can be very debilitati­ng,” said Dr. Aparna Daley of Tullyview Allergy, Wyomissing. “And being an allergist, we’re in a position where we actually can see and appreciate this.”

Daley said when people think of general comorbid conditions, there’s a tendency to underestim­ate the impact of allergies. But feeling sick or unwell can not only affect your overall health, it can lead to lost work days and correspond­ing declines in productivi­ty.

Also, uncontroll­ed allergies may lead to exacerbati­ons in patients with other chronic conditions such as asthma, so controllin­g allergies is going to improve patients’ quality of life and ease the effects of other conditions, as well.

Allergies or COVID?

Daley said that with the pandemic raging, some sufferers might be confused as to whether they have allergies or COVID-19.

With COVID, she said, symptoms typically include things like fever, chills and body ache, which you don’t necessaril­y see with allergies.

Seasonal allergy symptoms normally include runny nose, sneezing, watering and/or itchy eyes, and post-nasal drip.

She advised anybody concerned about overlappin­g symptoms to consult their primary care practition­er to rule out COVID.

Unfortunat­ely, allergy sufferers could be in for a long haul. This is the season

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