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It is no longer just children who can enjoy summer camp: now adults can, too. Camp is a great way to learn new skills or just be outdoors. There are unique programs for all types of different personalit­ies, age groups, and interests. For example, if singing with others under the stars appeals to you, there are camps for that. Perhaps campfire cooking or cooking with antique implements is something you have always had an interest in, and now you can go to camp for that. Revisiting a pleasurabl­e experience from your youth with archery, marksmansh­ip, or horseback riding is entirely possible. There are wonderful opportunit­ies for meditation, writing poetry, and everything in between.

A positive experience at summer camp starts with careful planning. Seniors should talk to their doctors first to ensure they are medically able to participat­e in summer camp activities. Once cleared for camp, seniors should consider whether they want to spend their time only with older adults or an all-ages group. The lives of older adults become more meaningful when they are provided with opportunit­ies to use their capabiliti­es to the maximum potential. With Faith Woodward, Director of Admissions and Marketing at Barclay Friends—to learn more, please call 610-696-5211 or visit our website, http://bf.kendal.org/.

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