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member, all forms of fruits and vegetables count toward total daily servings, including fresh, frozen and canned, so stock up to simplify meal prep while enjoying great taste and nutrition.”

In addition to cleaning and taking inventory in your home, consider home management, too. Whether it’s a calendar on the wall or a digital app, make changes to relieve stress and streamline your routine.

Additional­ly, always add in time for you. Whether that’s a break from work to take a walk, time after dinner for a hobby, or space before bed to read and meditate, putting something on the calendar makes it a priority and you’re more likely to stick to your preferred self-care activities.

“Overall, make sure you are prioritizi­ng YOU on your to-do list,” said Harbstreet. “Whether you need energy for spring cleaning and organizati­on, or a new exercise routine, potatoes are a nutrient-dense vegetable that have the energy, potassium and vitamin C you need to fuel your body and your brain!”

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