Daily Times (Primos, PA)


- Courtesy of the Democratic Republic of Trivia

1. “The snack that smiles back,” goes the current marketing slogan for this crunchy treat.

2. When used as an initialism, this otherwise species of fish is a common method of delivery payment.

3. When used as a homonym, this otherwise species of fish is the lowest frequency note in a chord.

4. This predator of the sea is also a nickname for a predator of the streets who lends others money but with exceedingl­y high interest rates.

5. This slang term describes a person who is trying to elicit personal informatio­n from others via social media.

6. This brand of craft ale, especially known for its variety of IPAs, is brewed in Delaware and has been on the market since 1995.

7. This fishy logical fallacy is meant to distract people from the matter at hand.

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