Daily Times (Primos, PA)

Why we need Right to Repair legislatio­n

- Juliet Birch, Media

To the Times:

I once had a friend whose iPhone battery swelled up about 2 inches overnight. Caused by a poorly made, knock-off version of an Apple charger, the swelling not only destroyed her battery, but also shattered her screen and compromise­d several other features of her device. She went back to Apple to fix the damage and, between replacemen­t parts and labor, the total cost of the repair would have been more than the cost of the phone itself so she simply replaced the device altogether.

Had the parts, tools, and service informatio­n necessary to repair my friend’s phone been accessible to her at the time, she would have been able to save her phone and a great deal of money. However, as more and more people rely on smartphone­s, we’ve seen companies like Samsung and Apple preventing us from repairing our own products without making replacemen­t parts available to independen­t repair shops.

Right to Repair legislatio­n would make these parts for consumer electronic­s, along with medical machines and farming equipment, more accessible. This would ultimately save money for consumers and businesses, and limit the amount of electronic waste going to landfills.

Right now, state legislator­s in Pennsylvan­ia have the opportunit­y to support a Right to Repair bill. I encourages­tate Rep. Chris Quinn, R-168 of Middletown, and state Sen. John Kane, D-9 of Birmingham, to sign on in support of this important legislatio­n.

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