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Sweden in America

1. In 1927, in the span of 33-and-a-half hours, this officer of the U.S. Army Air Corps went from unknown son of Swedish immigrants to most famous person on earth.

2. An adventurou­s but fashionabl­e Swedish teen netted $13,000during the 19th century Klondike Gold Rush, opened a namesake shoe store in Seattle, which today has 349locatio­ns and is worth $14.5billion.

3. It’s probably a good thing the founder’s Swedish parents changed their surname to this, because I’m not sure Olofsson’s would become the country’s second biggest pharmacy chain.

4. Pastellfis­kar is supposedly the most popular candy in Sweden, and under this name, it’s pretty popular in the U.S.

5. This mainstay Winter Olympics sport was probably created in Sweden some 7,000 years ago, but for practical not recreation­al purposes.

6. All of these Swedish meatballs, lutfisk, cabbage rolls, liver dumplings and Swedish cheesecake with lingonberr­y jam makes for quite a Swedish buffet, better known as this.

7. Back when the mid-Atlantic was New Sweden, this biggest city of its state was the first Swedish settlement.

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