Need novel gift ideas? Con­sider a few of th­ese

Need gift ideas? Con­sider th­ese op­tions.

Dayton Daily News - - FRONT PAGE - By Aaron Ep­ple Con­tribut­ing Writer

From jerky treats to funny socks, we un­veil 10 of the many items you will find only through Jun­gle Jim’s In­ter­na­tional Mar­ket.

Two com­mon af­flic­tions of hol­i­day shop­ping are ei­ther be­ing starved for ideas or feel­ing you have no in­ter­est­ing choices. While Jun­gle Jim’s In­ter­na­tional Mar­ket could pro­duce pages of po­ten­tial gift items that you can’t find any­where else, we were able to nar­row it down to 10.

1. Extra Spe­cial Candy Canes You might say th­ese are rem­i­nis­cent of Harry Pot­ter’s Every Fla­vor Beans. While there isn’t any­thing that tastes like vomit or boogers, Jun­gle Jim’s does sell candy canes with some highly un­usual fla­vors, in­clud­ing pickle, Ro­tis­serie chicken, ba­con, coal, and clam. ($4.99 and up)

2. Ex­otic Jerky Treats

Along the same lines, Jun­gle Jim’s sells beef jerky fla­vored with an­i­mals that are ei­ther ex­otic or prac­ti­cally ex­tinct. The fla­vors in­clude bi­son, kan­ga­roo, al­li­ga­tor, elk, trout, wild boar, os­trich, yak, veni­son and oth­ers. There are even fruit-fla­vored ones such as pineap­ple, cherry and orange. You won’t find any of th­ese in those Jack Link Sasquatch com­mer­cials. ($3.99-$9.99)

3. Grow Your Own Christ­mas Tree Kits

Start with a tiny, empty dish, and after a few days, you’ll grow an ac­tion-fig­ure sized Christ­mas tree in full bloom. A few of th­ese could make nice ad­di­tions to your man­tel­piece. Think Chia Pet with­out the ter­ri­ble song. ($2.99)

4. Funny Socks

Socks are an in­evitable, peren­nial Christ­mas gift. Yet Jun­gle Jim’s sells socks with hu­mor­ous, of­ten self-ref­er­en­tial, mes­sages, li­able to pro­duce a bet­ter re­ac­tion than the usual comic groan. While the socks pic­tured here are ap­pro­pri­ate for a fam­ily au­di­ence, Jun­gle Jim’s has a fairly large number of “adult” socks as well. And they re­ally do keep your feet warm. ($6.99-$8.79)

5. Liquor Choco­lates

For those of you who’ve had those gold-wrapped cho­co­late pears, com­bin­ing candy with a sweet liqueur won’t be a new con­cept. How­ever, th­ese liquor choco­lates in­cor­po­rate Scotch whiskey, Ir­ish gin, and other hard liquors. In other words, you feel it when you eat them. Th­ese are not the items to turn to for those of you who like to give the kids a lit­tle taste of al­co­hol at Christ­mas. ($4-$12.99)

6. Kom­bucha Beer

Tapped (no pun in­tended) to be the next craft beer craze, Kom­bucha was orig­i­nally a tra­di­tional Chi­nese tea loaded with health-pro­mot­ing acids and pro­bi­otics. Then, some­one fig­ured out to de­liver those health ef­fects with a lit­tle buzz. The Kom­bucha bar at Jun­gle Jim’s comes in low-al­co­hol fla­vors such as Go Go Gin­ger, Jun­gle Hop Cider, and Tiki Tango. There are also higher al­co­hol va­ri­eties such as Unity Vi­bra­tion KPA (Kom­bucha Pale Ale), and Unity Vi­bra­tion Triple God­dess Gin­ger. You can try Kom­bucha on tap at Jun­gle Jim’s or fill up a growler or pint to take home. (Growlers are $5, beer fills are $16-$28).

7. White Shaved Co­conut Hail­ing from Thai­land, this co­conut con­tains a nat­u­ral juice that cools and hy­drates the body. In other words, they’re the ideal hang­over cure after con­sum­ing all that Kom­bucha beer and liquor choco­lates. ($4 for 2)

8. Kopi Luwak Cof­fee

Also known as “poop cof­fee,” this is cof­fee fla­vored by cof­fee cher­ries that have passed through the di­ges­tive tract of the palm civet, an ot­ter-like mam­mal na­tive to Southeast Asia. De­spite its in­testi­nal ori­gins, it’s re­puted to have a re­mark­ably smooth fla­vor, and is highly pop­u­lar de­spite cost­ing $19.99 per 10 grams. If you don’t think you can con­sume it with­out think­ing about where it came from, just re­mem­ber you’ve been do­ing the same with hot dogs for years. ($14.99 and up)

9. Rambu­tan

Yes, it looks like lawn de­bris or some weird creepy-crawly. But if you un­peel it, you have a sweet/ sour fruit that tastes like a skin­less grape. Rambu­tan has re­port­edly grown in pop­u­lar­ity par­tially be­cause peo­ple just want to see their fam­ily and friends’ re­ac­tions when they see it. ($3.99 per pound; prices fluc­tu­ate weekly)

10. Dragon Fruit

Hail­ing from Viet­nam, dragon fruit re­sem­bles an es­pe­cially ripe and vir­u­lent cac­tus. Cut it open and take a bite, how­ever, and you taste some­thing be­tween a kiwi and an Amer­i­can pear. Dragon fruit is in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar due to its health ef­fects, con­tain­ing high amounts of fiber and an­tiox­i­dants. ($5 per pound; prices fluc­tu­ate weekly)

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