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It’s no se­cret we just love space news — this came from Newsweek re­cently:

“A sec­ond re­peat­ing ra­dio sig­nal has been de­tected from deep space, sci­en­tists an­nounced. The sig­nal — known as a fast ra­dio burst — was found to re­peat six times and ap­peared to orig­i­nate from 1.5 bil­lion lightyears away. FRBs are ra­dio bursts that last a few mil­lisec­onds. They are of­ten only dis­cov­ered in data, which has made trac­ing their ori­gin ... ex­tremely chal­leng­ing.”

The mag­a­zine notes that “in 2016 sci­en­tists dis­cov­ered some­thing that made FRBs even more per­plex­ing — a sig­nal that re­peated.”

I just know the aliens are up there play­ing rock ‘n’ roll. Beep! Email me at ron­[email protected]­

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