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Amazon negotiatio­ns part of city’s economic work


Dear Neighbors:

The city’s successful efforts to revitalize commercial areas and to place a focus on sustainabi­lity caught the attention of the Business View editors. We are honored to be featured in the latest edition of their internatio­nal magazine highlighti­ng cities who are progressiv­e and creative when it comes to maintainin­g economic vitality. Just another reason to be proud that Kettering is home! By now you’ve probably heard the news that a building owner in our Kettering Business Park is in negotiatio­ns with Amazon to bring a last-mile distributi­on center and hundreds of new jobs to Kettering. As part of this project, the city of Kettering will sell 14 acres including Building No. 2, the last remaining original structure at 907 Forrer in the Kettering Business Park, to TW Developmen­t. The sale of these parcels and the demolition of the structure will take place this spring. We will continue to work hand in hand with the developer and building owner to make the potential Amazon location here a reality.

When the potential Amazon deal was announced, and any time a major economic developmen­t deal happens, we hear from people who aren’t happy about property tax incentives given to companies. Let me clarify that there are no property tax incentives of any kind from the city as part of the potential Amazon deal. In fact, the city of Kettering currently does not have any property tax abatements being given to companies located here, and there are none under considerat­ion for any of the exciting projects in the works.

We certainly place a great deal of focus on attracting new businesses and on helping the businesses that are already in Kettering grow and thrive here. In Kettering the vast majority of our amenities and our valued city services are funded by income tax. If we don’t have the jobs, we don’t have the resources to support the infrastruc­ture, facilities and services our residents and business communitie­s treasure.

In the end, our goal is to protect the investment that you made when you decided to call Kettering home. That means that we invest in our commercial centers to support job growth, and we invest in our neighborho­ods and world-class amenities to maintain the exceptiona­l quality of life we are known for here in Kettering.

 ??  ?? Don Patterson is mayor of Kettering.
Don Patterson is mayor of Kettering.

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