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City offers winter weather wisdom


City of Kettering snow plow drivers clear an equivalent of 975 miles while plowing city roadways during a winter snow event that’s about as far as driving from here to Orlando! We know it can be frustratin­g to feel like yours is always the last street plowed, so we hope knowing just how far our drivers travel to serve you will help.

The City of Kettering has establishe­d 16 primary snow routes that include major thoroughfa­res, hills, curves, emergency vehicle access, bus routes and school access. While snow continues to fall, operations will focus on these primary routes only. If there is more than 2 inches of accumulati­on, the side streets in the city will be addressed once snowfall ends.

Help us make our way through neighborho­ods with plows by moving cars out of the roadway before snow begins. The city of Kettering does not clear sidewalks. Sidewalks are the responsibi­lity of the property owner. Carefully clear your sidewalks as soon as practical.

Stay informed about pending weather conditions. The best place for up-to-the minute Kettering news is our website www. ketteringo­, our official Facebook page City of Kettering, Ohio – Government and @Kettering_ OH our Twitter account.

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