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Animal welfare in Dayton has reached a critical point. Our animals cannot speak for themselves. They need us to be their voice to ensure their well-being. With over 1,850 adoptions; 4,000 preventati­ve spay and neuter surgeries; transfers from facilities with high euthanasia and limited resources; and humane education to over 5,000 young people; SICSA has been integral in saving animal lives. SICSA is committed to being a voice for homeless pets, but they need you. Now is the time to add your voice to the future of SICSA by becoming a SICSA member.

When you become a SICSA member, you are not only investing in the mission of SICSA, you are helping to pave their path. SICSA membership isn’t just a fundraisin­g effort, it is part of the bylaws by which they were founded 45 years ago.

SICSA membership provides one the opportunit­y to:

■ Have your voice heard.

■ Be a part of our community’s animal welfare movement.

■ Save more lives. The Annual All Members Meeting is Thursday, Feb. 21, at 7 p.m. at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center. It is a Members-Only meeting. This means, you will need to complete your membership today and mark your calendars for this important annual event. Not only will SICSA members get a preview of our outstandin­g 2018 outcomes, you will be given the opportunit­y to ask questions, share concerns and make suggestion­s.

New this year, along with being a voice for pets and unique membership benefits, SICSA members in good standing may choose to join a closed, Members-Only Facebook group and receive a Members-Only monthly e-newsletter. Both will include year-todate outcomes, will respond to comments, questions and suggestion­s from other members, and are part of SICSA’s ongoing transparen­cy and member engagement efforts. These forums are for members-only.

Your membership saves lives and builds families right here in the greater Miami Valley. To become a SICSA Member, visit

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