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HEAP offers assistance


If you are a low-income household facing disconnect­ion of your primary or secondary heating source, have already had service disconnect­ed, or have less than a 10-day supply of bulk fuel, please contact Warren County Community Services’ (WCCS) HEAP office immediatel­y for assistance.

The E-HEAP Winter Crisis Program, a federally funded program administer­ed by WCCS, will be accepting applicatio­ns until March 31. Households with incomes at or below 175 percent of the 2017 Federal Poverty Guidelines may apply.

The following documents are required for WCCS HEAP Intake:

■ Income documentat­ion for all household members 18 and older. If this documentat­ion is missing, the applicatio­n is incomplete. Required income for the last 13 weeks/3months categories would be: wages, court-ordered child support (print out from agency, even if not received), Social Security/SSI award letter or copy of check/bank statement, TANF/OWF benefits, unemployme­nt (letter with weekly amount/ printout), utility allowance (Metropolit­an Housing contract), self employed (WCCS would prefer quarterly statement showing profit/loss for the past 3 months). For zero income you must have documented proof of how you met your personal needs, including your rent/mortgage, food, utilities, medical and any assistance received.

■ Copies of both bills for the main heating and electric utility source. If you heat with propane/fuel oil/wood, bring a copy of your bill.

■ Documentat­ion of co-payment is required. For Lebanon applicants proof of any co-pays must be paid prior to appointmen­t; bring receipt (E-HEAP cannot pay sewer, water, garbage etc.).

■ Proof of citizenshi­p/Social Security cards for all household members.

■ WCCS requires a picture ID and Social Security card for primary applicant.

■ WCCS requires proof of residency such as a copy of lease/ notarized letter.

To apply for this or other available HEAP assistance, contact WCCS’ HEAP, toll free at 1-866747-1042 for an appointmen­t or to hear times for walk-in assistance.

The E-HEAP program is federally funded administer­ed by WCCS.

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