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911: People alerted truckers to fire


A caller told a 911 dispatcher that people were helping truckers get out of their vehicles as fires spread to three semis parked Saturday morning at Love’s Travel Stop in the 2200 block of Edwin C. Moses Boulevard Dayton.

“There’s a truck fire at the truck stop. It looks like two of them are side by side and they are on fire,” the woman told the dispatcher.

“Lord have mercy, they are going to knock on the truck’s doors, to see if there’s anybody in it,” the woman said. “Oh, they just got them out.”

The woman then said the fire had spread to a third truck.

“Sweet Jesus, there’s three of them that are on fire. They are getting everybody out,” she said.

Crews, dispatched to the scene around 5:50 a.m., extinguish­ed the flames in approximat­ely 30 minutes.

Officials did not respond to requests for additional informatio­n about the cause of the fires.

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